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AIU Online Student Login

AIU Online Student Login
AIU Online Student Login

AIU Online Student Login has shows its important since its introduction and specifically during covid19. Now, you may be considering enrolling at American InterContinental University. If this is the case, visiting this website is a wise choice, as you will find important information about the school, including instructions on how to complete online student login on the American InterContinental University website.

American InterContinental University is a university with open admissions that is for-profit and owned by Career Education Corporation. This university was founded in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1970 by the Atlanta-based American couple Jack and Helen Barnette. This institution was formerly known as the American Fashion College of Switzerland. In 1978, the school had nearly 300 students and began to offer courses in areas other than fashion, such as business.

This university now enrolls over 15,000 students and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields such as information technology, business, criminal justice, healthcare management, education, and media production. This institution has 54 full-time instructors and 594 adjunct instructors.

You should be aware that more than 80 percent of American InterContinental University students attend AIU online, which is an internet-based online campus that offers degree programs entirely online. Discuss AIU online and learn how to log in as an AIU student on this page. If you are a new student, you may still find this activity confusing. In this article, you will learn how to login, so you no longer need to be concerned. Follow the simple directions listed below:

  • AIU’s website,, must be visited before student login can be performed.
  • Student Login can be located on the right side of the homepage of that website. There are three options available after clicking Student Login: online, Atlanta, and Houston. Select Online.
  • You will then be redirected to the student login page. This page is where you will enter your username and password.
  • After entering your username and password, click the Go button.

We may occasionally forget our username or password during AIU Online Student Login. If this occurs, you can click the “Forgot Username or Password?” link beneath the login field. To retrieve your username, click the “Username” link. Then, you will be required to enter your personal email address, after which the AIU team will email you your account’s username.

In the event that you forget your password, click the “Password” link. Similar to when you forget your username, you must enter your personal email address and the AIU team will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

It is very simple to log in, reset our password, and locate our username again during AIU Online Student Login. If you are not a current student, you can click “Apply to AIU now” on the login page. If you have begun an AIU enrollment application and wish to continue it, you can do so by clicking “Continue your application.” So, take pleasure in your time at American InterContinental University.

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