ALMS Army Training Website 2022

ALMS Army Training Website 2022
ALMS Army Training Website 2022

ALMS Army Training Website

ALMS Army Training Website 2022
ALMS Army Training Website 2022

ALMS Army Training Website You can read this complete post if you want to learn more about ALMS Army Training. This section will provide that information. Ensure that you do not overlook any facts regarding ALMS Army Training.

Regarding ALMS (Army Learning Management System)

ALMS (Army Learning Management System) is a centralized training system that permits training NCOs, training managers, instructors, unit commanders, and individual users to schedule, register for, and provide standardized Army training for Soldiers and DA Civilians. Users are permitted to enroll in self-paced courses. 24/7, Soldiers and Army civilians can satisfy their distributed learning demands from their homes, offices, or DTFs.

The Army Learning Management System (ALMS) offers:

  • The storing and delivery of automated courseware and training content.
  • Self-paced training offerings such as the United States Army Threat Awareness and Reporting Program, Information Security Program Training, Distributed Leader Course, Risk Management, and more.
  • 24×7 Help Desk Support
  • Online self-service technical assistance
  • The Customer Support Center (CSC) for training managers hosting their own resources in ALMS (Army Learning Management System)
  • Rapid Internet connectivity to Army training

Training Worth:

  • Enhances preparedness and affords training adaptability
  • Organizes and monitors training record during Army career using ATRRS
  • Facilitates task-based and integrated training techniques
  • Provides more security for Army soldiers and their families

Frequent Requested Information

Here are some FAQs regarding ALMS (Army Learning Management System):

How can I register for an ALMS account?

You must have an AKO account with an approved account type in order to obtain an ALMS account. Then, you can proceed to the ALMS to log in.

What should I do if I have successfully completed a course but it has not been marked as such?

You must have successfully completed the Letter of Instruction (LOI) and exam, together with any associated assessments or surveys. After completing all modules with a passing grade, you can print the course completion certificate from the My Certificates section. Note: Ensure that you exit the courseware using the Exit button supplied by the courseware. The LOI will provide precise navigation instructions.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the exam’s content?

You can contact the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) via the website at if you have a query concerning the exam content of any course or exam. Alternatively, you can click the ATHD button in the horizontal navigation of the Learner View or any ALMS page, then click the Submit a Trouble Ticket option to submit your query. Please select a Learning Management System and Course Name. Just post your query. ATHD will forward your inquiry to the appropriate authority and provide you with a response. Additionally, you can phone the assistance center at 1-800-275-2872.

Can ALMS be utilized on a MAC computer?

Yes, you can certainly use ALMS on your Mac computer. ALMS (Army Learning Management System) and courses posted on the Army Learning Management System have been tested on the Army Golden Master’s personal computer image for your knowledge. For an optimal training experience, you can click the Browser Check link in the horizontal navigation bar of the Learner View or any other ALMS page and simply adjust your computer settings.

Where can I navigate via my courses?

You must understand that the Course Channels on the Learner View display the top eight courses in which you are enrolled or that have been allocated to you by an administrator or rule. Additionally, you can see a comprehensive list of your courses via the My Courses page. Remember that by clicking on the course card, an expanded view will slide out, providing information about the course and topic necessary for the course and certification. By clicking the Launch or Course Details button, you’ll be able to access course content.

Why is the launch button for my course content not visible?

Multiple contents are designed to be opened sequentially. In certain instances, you must first examine the LOI before the Launch button appears for the remaining information. If you have opened the LOI but still require assistance, you must view the ALMS lesson for a launch instruction. Alternatively, you can contact ATHD using the ATHD button in the Learner View’s horizontal navigation bar. Additionally, you can contact us at 1-800-275-2872.

How can I search for an ALMS course?

You can search for courses using the Search form in the Learner View’s navigation bar. Simply type a title, summary, or keywords in the Search form. Then, click the magnifying glass icon to conduct a search.

How can I enroll in the course using ALMS?

The chosen course must be located in the search results. Then, select the course card and click the Register button. You must register for ATRRS/CHRTAS-managed courses through the appropriate website.

How do I find and print my ALMS course completion certificate?

You must be aware that certificates for finished courses can be viewed through the My Certificates tab on the Learner View’s left side. You can then either email yourself the certificate or download it as a PDF to print later.

Where am I able to locate system announcements?

In the Welcome portion of the Learner View, the Announcements Portlet contains important system announcements and other system-related information. Additionally, important announcements are presented on the announcements section of the ATHD website.

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