Answers to National College Match 101

Answers to National College Match 101
Answers to National College Match 101

Answers to National College Match 101

Answers to National College Match 101
Answers to National College Match 101

Have numerous questions regarding National College Match 101? If yes, please read the following text. We will explain what National College Match 101 is and provide you with additional National College Match-related information. Don’t miss any of the information on this page.

National College Match 101: What is it?

National College Match 101 is a section of the application that assists you in comprehending the National College Match. Additionally, are you a low-income senior in high school who has excelled academically, but you believe the best colleges are out of your financial reach? The Quest Bridge National College Match can be your ticket to an elite university. Through this National College Match and scholarship application process, you can apply to the nation’s top colleges for free and be considered for early admission and a four-year college scholarship.

The National College Match application will provide you with additional space to describe your academic success despite financial hardship. Their college partners actively seek students with your intelligence. If you are accepted to a college partner through The Quest Bridge National College Match Regular Decision, you can join a community of thousands of other Quest Bridge Scholars attending the same college.

National College Matchmaking Course Transcript

There is a gap in the United States’ educational system. And it is significant. This is the gap between the brightest high school students from low-income families and the nation’s top colleges and universities. Each year, nearly 30,000 low-income students receive national standardized test scores that qualify them for admission to elite colleges. Over 80% of them, however, do not apply to a single competitive college. These students are intelligent, motivated, and talented, but they are unaware of the opportunities available to them and the fact that these prestigious colleges want them on their campuses.

Are you one of those students who excels academically but worries about their ability to attend a prestigious university? Are you concerned that you and your family will be unable to afford the high cost of higher education? Or perhaps you do not know anyone who attended a highly selective college, so you believe your chances of admission are slim.

QuestBridge is a non-profit organization with over 20 years of experience helping students like you gain admission to top schools with full four-year scholarships. They collaborate with 40 colleges and universities, such as Stanford, Amherst, Yale, Williams, and Emory, that are looking for the best students in the country, regardless of their financial situation.

If you are a student who strives for the best opportunities regardless of your financial situation, they will invite you to apply to National College Match, a program that connects the nation’s top students with admission and full scholarships at their college partners.

They are searching for students who are both academically and financially qualified. Are you a distinguished student from a family with an annual income of less than $65,000? Who are you? Do you possess the academic aptitude to thrive at one of their affiliated colleges? Here is how the National College Match works for you if this is the case.

Late in September, submit a QuestBridge National College Match application. The application is designed to highlight your accomplishments and circumstances in a way that other college applications do not.

  • QuestBridge will evaluate applications and select Finalists for further consideration.
  • Finalists may rank colleges according to their preference for participation in the College Games. These are the colleges for which you would like to be considered for early admission and a full College Match Scholarship. If you match, you will be matched to one school, the highest-ranked institution on your list that offers you admission with a full scholarship. Important note regarding rankings: they are binding. It implies that if you are accepted through College Match, you are required to attend.
  • You will be notified in December if you have been matched with a college partner. If so, congratulations! You are now a College Match Scholarship Recipient, having been admitted with a full four-year scholarship covering tuition, room and board, and other costs. College Match Scholarships are provided by college partners of QuestBridge.
  • You are not concerned if you do not match. It does not indicate rejection. You may still submit Early or Regular Decision applications to their college partners. Now, finalist applicants who did not rank colleges can apply via Regular Decision. If you are admitted through Early Decision or Regular Decision, you can still receive a substantial amount of aid from their college partners, who will meet 100 percent of your demonstrated financial need to make college very affordable for you.

They have thousands of scholars who dare to dream in order to fulfill your college goals. You can learn more about their college partners and how to apply for the National College Match by visiting

Getting Going

Here are some steps to get started:

  • Visit and log in, or click “Create an account.”
  • Register using an email address that you frequently check, and keep your password secure.
  • Ensure that your QuestBridge ID is displayed at the top of the Manage page after opening an application.

Additionally, you must request that your teachers and counselor compose recommendations for you.

  • Please ensure they have ample time, at least three weeks.
  • Register your teachers on your website’s Recommendations page.
  • application and your advisor can be found on the Academic page (Firstly, you will need to enter your high school in the Institution section).
  • If your educators do not receive an email with instructions from Quest Bridge, you can request that they contact us at [email protected] with your full name and Quest Bridge ID number.

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