Best Compass for MD Online IEP Students 2022

Compass for MD Online IEP Students
Compass for MD Online IEP Students

Best Compass for MD Online IEP Students 2022

Compass for MD Online IEP Students, The Online Individualized Education Program for the state of Maryland is accessible at Obviously, if you are a student in Maryland’s IEP program, this website will be of great assistance in locating a wealth of relevant information.

Compass for MD Online IEP Students
Compass for MD Online IEP Students

There are unique menus that can be accessed by pupils that provide information about anything pertinent to their needs. Here you will also discover the Student Compass section that provides information regarding your Aggregate Level.

  • Student Compass-Average Score

If the user is a Teacher or School Administrator with access to fewer than 200 cases, they will be redirected to the Notification page after logging in. The user will then be routed to the Search Page if they have access to more than 200 cases or if they are a Country Level Administrator or Data Manager. Regardless of which page is displayed, the user transacts at the Aggregate Level.

There are submenus for Student, Progress, Meetings, Reports, and Administration on the Aggregate Level of Student Compass. Beginning with the Student menu, it guides the student to the Aggregate level, Student’s Case placement, and student lookup. By clicking the student’s name, the MD Online IEP System will lead the user to the proper page.

Continue with Progress menu; it will display the progress at Aggregate Level, View Results for Administrators, and using the filters on the Progress Monitoring Graph. The progress on IEP Goals is displayed in both graphical and tabular formats.

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It is possible to obtain information on meetings at the Aggregate Level using the Meetings menu. This will display a meeting’s schedule, allow you to access upcoming meetings, and display information about past meetings.

The Reports menu provides details regarding the Reports tab, an overview of reports, data analytics, and progress at the Aggregate Level. In the Reports area, there are at least four tabs, including IEP Reports, Dashboard, Data Analytic, and Disproportionally.

In this case, the Administration menu will display the Administration Tab, which has a list of all administrative duties, such as Add New User, User, Additional Members, Letters, Manage Case Rollover, Manage Email Recipients, SIS System Audit Log Records, and Manage Form.

  • Student Compass – Student Level

Obviously, there are a variety of approaches to obtain the student level of Student Compass. Consequently, users can select a student from the Notification area. Consequently, if the student is selected from the Meetings area, the IEP team meeting page will be displayed as soon as possible.

If a student is selected from the Monitoring area, the Monitoring page is then presented. In addition, after locating a student’s case via the Cases tab, the notice will be presented automatically.

Well, the menu at the Student Level contains the options Notification, Monitoring, Profile, IEP Summary, Meetings, and Forms and Logs.

However, beginning with the Notification menu, it will provide a list of future events, annual reviews, meetings, and more. The green calendar denotes a meeting, the yellow triangle a forthcoming annual review or reevaluation, and the red triangle an overdue annual review or reevaluation.

The Monitoring menu provides information about Monitoring IEP Goals, an Overview of Monitoring Tabs, Monitoring Transition Activities, and Monitoring Inventions. The goal monitoring area will track or document the student’s progress. The objective will then be connected to the District in the Interventions section. The Transition Activities will provide the latest progress update and Track Progress to facilitate navigation to the Track Transition Activity Page.

From the Profile menu, you can access your Profile Overview and add team members. The user will have access to relevant case management information via the profile menu, which contains four tabs labeled Recent Logs and Forms, File Uploads, Case Access History, and IEP Team. While, the add a team option provides information on how to add members.

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Then, the IEP Summary option presents a summary of the pupils’ essential characteristics. There is also a print button that allows this to be printed.

The Meeting menu at the Student level allows you to obtain any meeting-related information, plan a meeting, check meeting history, and access scheduled meetings. Clicking a student’s name will transport you to the student level of meetings. The meeting details will then be displayed.

Last but not least, the Forms and Logs section provides access to many special education forms that are useful for maintaining the student’s case. The forms are accessible under the Process Forms and Supplemental Forms headings.

Student Compass IEP Professionals

However, the MD Online IEP system offers an optional embedded professional development module to aid in the completion of some IEP document components. Student Compass IEP Wizards have the following menus: PLAAFP Wizard, Goal & Objective, Assistive Technology, Supplementary Aids and Service Wizard, and Secondary Transition.

  • The PLAAFP Wizard menu can aid in the creation of robust PLAAFP statements.

Goal Wizard is intended to assist in writing aligned, high-quality goals. To obtain it, click the Getting Started button to access a checklist and overview for goal-setting. Select Next to go through the Goal Wizard. This step will allow you to create a goal. Once the goal has been created, click Finish to save and exit the Goal Wizard.

Then, you can utilize the Assistive Technology Wizard to assess if the student need assistive technology services or equipment to access the curriculum.

The Supplementary Aids and Service Wizard menu will direct you to the general education curriculum and its progression. You can absolutely visit this menu for more details.

Secondary Transition Wizard can aid in the completion of the Individualized Education Program’s secondary transition component. The extra tabs for Transition Interview, Transition Outcomes, Transition Documentation, and Transition Activities provide guidance, instructions, and support for completing the Secondary Transition portion of an IEP during the school year.

Obviously, if you are seeking Student Compass-related information on the MD Online IEP site, you should visit this website.

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