Best D2L Non Credit Marquette

D2L Non Credit Marquette
D2L Non Credit Marquette

Best D2L Non Credit Marquette

D2L Non Credit Marquette
D2L Non Credit Marquette

D2L Non Credit Marquette. Here, we will provide information for anyone who are interested in learning how to login to D2L for non-credit courses at Marquette University. Additionally, you’ll talk about Marquette University’s credit transfer policies.

How to Login to D2L for Non-Credit Courses at Marquette University

For Marquette University’s non-credit courses, follow these procedures to log in to D2L:

  • You must go to as the initial step.
  • You can then input your login after that (not your email address).
  • You need to enter your password in the following step.
  • Simply click the blue Log in button as the final step.

Unable to log in? You can speak with the Help Desk for IT Services. As is well known, IT Services can be requested by students, faculty, and staff through Help Desk Self Service. Once you’ve logged in, you can:

  • Contact the Help Desk.
  • Report a problem
  • Ask for a project

Get in touch with the IT Service Help Desk.

  • Contact us at (414) 288-7799.
  • In person, go to Room 293 in Cudahy Hall.
  • Using’s self service
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Outages: Check IT Alerts or file a report
  • On Twitter, follow IT Services.

Summer Help Desk hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Review of credit transfers

The academic dean’s office does the formal credit evaluation as part of the transfer admission review. After receiving official admission notification, accepted students can view their credit summary report using their Checkmarq account.

  • Following are some credit transfer considerations:
  • most credits for an associate’s degree transfer.
  • Any course that was passed with a “C” or higher at a university with regional accreditation will be taken into account for transfer credit, regardless of how it was taught.

Normally, courses from a trade school, the military, a work training program, physical education, or continuing education don’t transfer.

Undergraduate residency and all Marquette University graduation requirements must be met.


Marquette University Credit Transfer

Transfer credit will be given for courses taken at a university or college that has the proper accreditation or Ministry of Education certification. The AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate), and A-level programs are also given credit. After you have received your final offer of admission to Marquette University, the courses are examined for transfer credit. Transfer credit will be added to your CheckMarq student account once it has been approved. For fall enrollment, you must submit all required materials by August 1; otherwise, you must do so by December 1. (for spring enrollment).

College and University Credit

After an entrance decision, the transfer credit review will take place, and it calls for:

  • The authorized transcripts
  • Uploaded to your application account are the course descriptions or syllabuses for each subject in English.
  • Additionally, a Transcript Verification Report from CHESICC must be submitted with the transcripts from Chinese universities (China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center). For your knowledge, CHESICC reports can be posted to your online application account or sent directly from CHESICC to Marquette.

Transfer credit is determined by a variety of criteria, such as the grades or marks earned, institutional and program of study approval by the proper authorities, and course content. Transfer credit won’t be accepted for every course.

Exams for International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP)

Please make arrangements for Marquette to receive your official AP (Advanced Placement) and/or IB (International Baccalaureate) scores directly from the test providers. The testing authority will only be able to receive electronic reports.

You must check out the AP Credit Transfer chart and the IB Credit & Placement chart for more detailed information regarding AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) credit transfer.

  • Click this link to see the AP Credit Transfer Chart.
  • Click this link to view the IB Credit & Placement Chart.

The A-Levels

Depending on the course material, Marquette University will review A-Level coursework for credit. The candidates must present their A-Level diplomas from Cambridge, Ofqual, Pearson, or other recognized assessment bodies, as well as a copy of the curriculum for each course they wish to receive credit for. It is possible to send the syllabus before the certifications are ready.

viewing and testing your credit report

To see how your credits transfer to your Marquette record, view your transfer credits and/or test credits (AP, CLEP, or IB) on the Transfer Credit tile in CheckMarq.

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