Best D2L PCC Login 2022

D2L PCC Login
D2L PCC Login

Best D2L PCC Login 2022

Portland Community College eventually adopts (D2L PCC Login) as an online learning management system after realizing that the education system must adopt a fresh perspective on the world. In this instance, D2L provides a comprehensive online learning solution to support the institution’s initiative to increase accessibility.

D2L PCC Login
D2L PCC Login

Through D2L, both students and instructors have access to the online course, assignments, conversations, and other course materials. The D2L appears to revolutionize the way the world learns so that everyone has access to the best learning possibilities.

Obviously, in order to use D2L, you must first log in with the username and password you registered with your academic institution. However, if you are a PCC student, there are a number of procedures you can take to log in, which are outlined below.

How Can I Login to D2L PCC?

If you wish to access PCC’s D2L Brightspace, you must first log in using your username and password. There are at least two ways to access the D2L Brightspace PCC, and they are as follows:

Method 1: Using the Login Portal

You can access the Login portal from this location. You will then be sent to the PCC login page. This step requires you to enter your username and password. Click the Login button then.

If you use this method to access D2L Brightspace PCC, you will be required to login using your MyPCC credentials. Then, if you reset your MyPCC password, there may be a 24-hour delay before you can use it on the direct login page.

Upon completion of your work in D2L Brightspace at PCC, you must log out to ensure that your PCC login session has ended. You can access your account by clicking on your Name in the upper-right corner. You must now view a page informing you that you have been logged out and then close your web browser.

Way 2: Via MyPCC

In addition to the first method, you can also attempt to access D2L Brightspace using your MyPCC account. After logging into D2L Brightspace using your MyPCC account, you can click the Laptop icon in the upper-right corner of your MyPCC account.

Then, locate the Quick Links box on the Home tab, and click the D2L Brightspace Login link. Here you may access MyPCC.

Today, May 28, 2021, MyPCC is unavailable from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM. Until 11:30 PM, certain MyPCC services will not be accessible. In the meanwhile, PCC email D2L Brightspace will be accessible.

Login Issues

You may be having trouble logging in to D2L PCC. You can try clearing your browser’s cache and history if you get this type of login issue. Sometimes, some browsers are stubborn, and refreshing the page has no effect. Therefore, you must delete the page copies that your browser is saving. Nevertheless, it is called clearing your cache.

In addition to cleaning your browser’s cache and history, you can also close your browser, reopen it, and attempt to enter D2L Brightspace via the login portal or MyPCC.

If you are still unable to access the D2L Brightspace after attempting the aforementioned solutions, you might try a different web browser to determine if you can log in.

If you are still having problems logging in or if your account has been disabled, please visit the Student Help Desk at for instructions or send an email to [email protected] or call 971-722-8222.

Here is the D2L PCC User Guide!

If you have recently enrolled at PCC, you may be unfamiliar with how to use D2L PCC Brightspace. Obtaining the D2L user guide is a necessity for you. After knowing and comprehending the tutorial for utilizing D2L at PCC, it is easy to work with D2L at PCC.

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This page will, thankfully, introduce you to the various D2L-related guides you may require. Here you go!

  • Brightspace Navigation from D2L

After logging into D2L PCC, the D2L Brightspace Homepage will be displayed. It contains three sections: MiniBar, NavBar, and Homepage.

Mini Bar spans the upper portion of the D2L homepage. Mini Bar contains My Home, Course Selector, Message Alert, Subscription Alerts, Update Alerts, Your Personal Menu, and Administration Tools.

The NavBar is modified and managed by the Online Learning department. My Media, Quick Eval, Help, and Instructor Resources are accessible via the NavBar.

The homepage displays Announcements, My Courses, Google Apps Access, and Faculty.

  • Set up your D2L notification

It is essential to configure notifications in D2L Brightspace in order to receive vital online-related information. Within your D2L Brightspace account, you can add or modify the sorts of notifications you receive from the system, including email and text messages.

  • Subscribe to a D2L class calendar

To view your D2L Brightspace class events, you must subscribe to a calendar feed for the specific course or for all of your courses and view these events alongside your personal calendar. To subscribe to a D2L class calendar, consider the following options:

You must initially access your course on D2L Brightspace.
Then, locate the ‘Calendar widget’ in the ‘Course Home’ section on the page’s right side.

  • Then, click the widget’s title (Calendar), followed by the ‘Settings’ link beneath the top navigation bar.
    Ensure that the ‘Enable Calendar Feeds’ box is checked, then click Save.
  • Then, you should click “Subscribe” next to the options.
    Choose a Specific course from the ‘Calendar Subscriptions’ drop-down box, or select ‘All Calendars and Tasks’.
    Then, copy the complete URL that appears beneath the ‘Calendar Subscriptions’ drop-down option.
  • Then, you may access your PCC Google Calendar.
    Then, click the arrow to the right of Other Calendars.
    Select ‘Add by URL’ and then paste the URL you acquired from D2L Brightspace earlier.
  • Finally, select the ‘Add Calendar’ option.
    That is all! You have subscribed successfully to a D2L class calendar.

Best D2L PCC Login 2022, Therefore Portal Community Collage can be accessed easy due to the site created for storing students information. Also this will be beneficial for both student and institution as well.

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