Best DCPS Blended Learning Performance 2022

Best DCPS Blended Learning Performance
Best DCPS Blended Learning Performance

Best DCPS Blended Learning Performance 2022

Best DCPS Blended Learning Performance, DCPS (Duval County Public Schools) provides educational excellence in each and every school, classroom, and student each and every day. DCPS, being one of the seven largest metropolitan school systems in Florida, continuously improves quality.

Best DCPS Blended Learning Performance
Best DCPS Blended Learning Performance

With a ‘whole child’ educational concept and an unwavering dedication to instruction excellence, the school has also experienced significant gains in student accomplishment. It is intended to educate pupils for college and careers in the 21st century. The URL for the DCPS website is

This website has a wealth of information regarding DCPS, including details about Performance Matters. On the Accountability & Evaluation page, you can find information regarding performance-related issues. The student dashboard contains information regarding performance-related issues.

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On the Performance matter Student Dashboard information page, it is indicated that you can access your Performance Matters dashboard by clicking the Performance Matters symbol on that page. Then, you will see the Login to Online Testing and Login to Student Portal options. You must use the same Username and Password with which you logged into the computer.

On the Data and Assessment page, you will also find performance-related information. Performance concerns functions as the district’s data platform for State and District assessments. Performance Matters enables district workers to administer assessments, monitor assessment scores, and analyze assessment data to inform instruction. There are numerous other programs under the Performance Matters umbrella, including Scoreboard, Baseball Card, Comparative Results, and MyReports.

Performance Matters is accessible via a link on the Accountability & Assessment page of the DAT Professional Development section. If you access it, you will be able to respond to the questions listed below.

  • What type of training did you participate in today?

360 Degree View of Progress Monitoring, Test Creation, Creating Interactive Items in Performance Matters, PLC University, and The Power of Performance Matters are the answer possibilities.

  • How clear was the information supplied by our trainer?

Extremely clear, very clear, moderately clear, and not so clear are the response alternatives.

  • How knowledgeable did you perceive our instructor to be?

Extremely informed, Very knowledgeable, Moderately knowledgeable, and Slightly knowledgeable are the answer alternatives.

  • How user-friendly do you think this program is?

Very user-friendly, moderately user-friendly, marginally user-friendly, and not at all user-friendly are the answer alternatives.

  • What grade level and topic area do you teach if you are a classroom educator?

K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, ELA, Math, Science, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, World Languages, Social Studies, CTE, and Health/PE are the answer selections.

This concludes the information we are able to provide regarding DCPS Blended Learning Performance Matters. You can check the DCPS website or contact DCPS support for additional information.

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