D2L Brightspace KSU

D2L Brightspace KSU
D2L Brightspace KSU

D2L Brightspace KSU

D2L Brightspace KSU
D2L Brightspace KSU

D2L Brightspace KSU is a learning management system for planning, implementing, and evaluating a specific learning process.

Middle Georgia State University’s Learning Management System is also known as D2L Brightspace KSU. Syllabi, readings, multi-media assets, assignments, online quizzes, correspondence, and grades are all accessible from a Brightspace course site “anytime, anywhere.” Each MGA course has its own Brightspace course webpage; be sure to visit it for course updates and announcements on a regular basis.

Duo two-factor authentication is required by D2L Brightspace.


Courses for Summer 2021

  • On the first day of their session start date, students receive access to Summer 2021 courses in D2L Brightspace.
  • It may take up to 24 hours after registering for the courses in Owl Express for them to appear in D2L Brightspace.

Courses in the spring of 2021

Spring 2021 course access officially ends on July 9, 2021. You can contact your course instructor if you need your access to a course extended past this deadline.

eCore courses

  • Courses offered by USG eCore can be found at https://go.view.usg.edu. The eCore site contains information on usernames, password resets, and assistance.

Please disable your notifications from your account profile in D2L Brightspace after the last day of school if you are a graduating senior, transferring, or not planning to register for classes next semester. You will continue to get Brightspace D2L notifications if you do not take this step, even if you are not registered for classes for the following term. You can reach the KSU Service Desk at 470-578-3555 or studenthelpdesk@kennesaw.edu if you require assistance.


Courses for Summer 2021

  • Instructors can access Summer 2021 courses in D2L Brightspace.

Important D2L Updates – Ongoing Delivery

  • D2L has reverted to the Continuous Delivery methodology of software updates, which provides regular, incremental upgrades. They’re excited to collaborate with you as they roll out these significant upgrades to D2L throughout the course of the year. You may find out more at uits.kennesaw.edu/d2l, where they will continue to give D2L Brightspace and Continuous Delivery updates. You can contact the KSU Service Desk if you have any queries or need assistance.

Requests for Course Shells

  • To ask a non-Owl Express, you must utilize the Course Shell Request Form. You can contact the Registrar’s Office in this situation.
  • A course shell is similar to a regular course, except it lacks a start and finish date as well as automated student enrolment. The course instructors are in charge of participant registration. The course shells cannot be utilized for activities that earn course credit.

Requests for D2L Brightspace third-party integration

  • Integrations with D2L Brightspace courses are available from a variety of third-party publishers and distributors. These integrations are facilitated and supported by UITS and DLI (Digital Learning Innovations), but they require advance notice to ensure a successful installation and that the tool fits the University’s criteria. Before being implemented, all third-party integrations must be examined and approved by the Digital Learning Innovation and UITS.
  • You can use the D2L Third-party Tool Integration Form to request the integration of a third-party tool with your D2L course. Each authorized D2L tool integration request is completed as promptly as possible by UITS. Requests must be made one semester ahead of time.

Requests for a course reset

  • On request, UITS Learning Technologies administrators can do a D2L course reset. In a single, permanent action, the course reset will return the course to an empty shell. There is no way to restore data after the process is completed. One of the most important features is that it has no effect on user enrollments.
  • You must fill out and submit the course reset request form to decrease the chances of unintended deletions.

Why is it necessary for KSU to use two-factor authentication?

  • Your NetID is protected by two-factor authentication, which adds an extra degree of security. Even if your password is compromised, it is designed to ensure that no one can access your account. Every time you log in to a Duo-compatible service, you’ll be asked to authenticate using two-factor authentication. This additional authentication mechanism can be used in a variety of ways, including push alerts via a Smartphone app, short codes given via the app, or phone calls.
  • Passwords are simple to hack. At KSU, compromised KSU credentials are used in 80% of phishing assaults. Because these assaults have become more sophisticated, passwords’ effectiveness has deteriorated to the point that they are no longer suitable to protect the data entrusted to the organization.
  • The University System of Georgia and its member institutions require and actively implement two-factor authentication. It will add a second layer of protection to your account, keeping it safe even if your password is stolen. If someone tries to log in to your account using Duo Push, you will be notified immediately (on your phone). Your username and password are not used for two-factor authentication. Furthermore, the duo never sees your password.

May 2021 D2L Brightspace Updates

For the Assignments, D2L Provides a Consistent Evaluation Experience

Because the assignment evaluation process has been streamlined, the most regularly used tools are easy to find and use. The layout is the same as previously, with student submissions on the left and evaluation tools on the right. The HTML editor in the feedback box has also been enhanced to provide more formatting choices.

Quizzes, Class List, and Class Progress Accommodations

For a student, the new Accommodations can activate the following features: Change the time limit for all quizzes or allow right-clicking in quizzes at all times. A time multiplier or a set number of additional minutes will be applied to the changed time. If right-click disablement is enabled in the original quiz settings, the right-click accommodation option will override it.

These concessions will apply to all quizzes in the course after they have been given. With a new search filter and symbol, instructors will be able to see which students were offered accommodations from the Class list. The icons will also appear in the Class Progress section.

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