D2L DePaul Login

D2L DePaul Login
D2L DePaul Login

D2L DePaul Login

Want to know how to log in to D2L DePaul Login? Here, we will explain how to access D2L on the DePaul website. Additionally, we will provide you with information regarding D2L at DePaul.

D2L DePaul Login
D2L DePaul Login

Student Login at D2L DePaul

D2L, which stands for Desire2Learn, is an electronic course management system utilized by many DePaul teachers. You will have online access to course documents, assignment submission, discussion boards, an online gradebook, quizzes, and more with this tool.

You must visit d2l.depaul.edu in order to log in. Then, you must login with your Campus Connect username and password. If you need assistance with D2L, you can contact the Help Desk.

Accessing the Student Success Technology Page on the DePaul website as a student will provide you with additional information on D2L and other available technologies.

D2L for Academics

DePaul makes use of the D2L electronic course administration system. It facilitates communication between students and faculty. It includes document sharing, email, message boards, assignment drop boxes, an online grade book, chat rooms, small group areas, and online quizzes, among other features. Teaching Commons offers faculty training and assistance for D2L.

Are you an instructor who is new to D2L? If so, you can access Teaching Commons to view a selection of useful tutorials. You can discover written guidelines and videos there that explain how to build and combine courses, communicate with students, upload course content, create quizzes, construct a gradebook, record attendance, record grades, and perform other duties.

Other Information Students Should Know About D2L at DePaul

Below is a list of issues that you may have encountered when using D2L. They are included beside the solutions.

  • We do not see the class for which we are registered.

There are a number of reasons why a class may not appear in D2L if you are registered for it but do not see it. If you discover that a course is missing from D2L, you must select “View All Courses” and then search for it. If the course is located, it must be pinned. Thus, it will be displayed on the homepage. If you register within the previous 24 hours, it is possible that your registration has not yet been processed and you do not see the class for which you are registered. Therefore, you must wait between 24 and 48 hours for a course to appear in D2L after registering for it.

You should also be aware that the course may no longer be operational. The teachers are the ones responsible for activating the course. Therefore, you can contact the course instructor to determine when it will be activated. Additionally, if the course has not yet started, it may not be visible in D2L. If this is the case, contact the instructor to determine when the course will be accessible. Alternatively, you can contact the TSC if the course cannot be located.

  • We Cannot Locate a Course in Which We Were Enrolled Last Term.

Using the terms options on the D2L homepage, you can access the term during which the class was taken if you are unable to see a class in which you were registered during the previous term. However, if you have completed it but cannot locate it, the instructor may have deactivated it.

  • How to View Comments Regarding a Submission

To view feedback on a submission, you must navigate to the submissions section of D2L and then locate the assignment. Under the “Evaluation Status” column, there will be a link labeled “Feedback: Unread” if the instructor has offered feedback. You must click this link to access the feedback page. In the Overall Feedback section, feedback can be viewed either within the rubric, if one was used, or by selecting the View Inline Feedback link beneath the “Inline Feedback” column.

  • The Reasons Our Test Cannot Begin

If you are currently attempting to access a quiz but are unable to do so. You discover an error notice that reads ‘Not Authorized’ or ‘Internal Error’ instead. It may occur for one of several reasons. The quiz may no longer be accessible as the deadline has passed. Or, it could be that the quiz has not yet been released, requiring you to contact the teacher. If you have attempted to access the quiz multiple times and have reached the maximum number of attempts, your access may be prohibited.

  • How to View Quiz Responses

You can examine quiz feedback by navigating to the Quizzes section of D2L and then locating the quiz within that section. If the instructor has offered feedback, a link labeled “Feedback: On Attempt” will appear in the Evaluation Status column. This link must be clicked in order to access the feedback page. Choose the attempt you wish to view feedback for, and the quiz will open with the instructor’s comments.

  • How to Add a Video to a Conversation

Uploading the video to Panopto is the initial step in adding a video to a discussion. Then, you must visit to the discussion forum and choose Start a New Thread. You must utilize the insert stuff icon in the textbox to bring up a menu of options, and then select Panopto Insert Stuff from the menu. Then, a window titled My Folder will appear within Panopto. Now, select Insert and insert the movie into the forum post.

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