D2L OCC Email

D2L OCC Email
D2L OCC Email

D2L OCC Email

D2L OCC Email
D2L OCC Email

D2L OCC Email. You may be a new D2L user at OCC and thus have questions about it. Here, you will find information regarding D2L OCC email and other D2L at OCC-related topics (Oakland Community College).

D2L OCC Email

We received limited information regarding D2L OCC email. If you are a student at OCC using D2L and have questions about your course or its materials, you can contact your instructor. If you encounter problems with the D2L system, including email, you can also obtain assistance from the system. The D2L Helpdesk is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, including holidays. 855-772-1235 is a toll-free number.

When logging into D2L, you must use your MyOCC username and password.

The OCC D2L Student Help Desk is available to assist you with any D2L-related technical issues, including email. To receive assistance, you must provide your OCC student ID and OCC student email address. These are necessary to safeguard your account and personal information.

The OCC D2L Student Help Desk is available via phone, email, and live chat. If you choose to contact the help desk by phone, you can dial 1-855-772-1235 for free. You can contact them at any time because they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. https://oaklandcc.desire2learn.com/

You can also receive assistance via email by filling out the form on Brightspace by D2L. Click the Contact Support link on the OCC D2L Student Help Desk page to gain access. You can send email at any time because it is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you choose to chat, you can do so from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday. You can select the ‘Chat With An Expert’ icon in the lower-right corner and then fill out the required fields. Please note that ‘Chat With An Expert’ will not be accessible outside of the chat service’s business hours. Therefore, if you require assistance outside of business hours, you can contact one of their representatives via phone or email.

When sending an email to the OCC D2L Student Help Desk, you must include your first name, last name, email address, user ID, phone number, student ID, description, urgency, and attachment.

  • Questions and Answers Concerning the Use of D2L at OCC

How do we know our course is hosted on D2L?
When you are logged into MyOCC, you will see a link next to the courses listed under My Class Schedule if they are in D2L. If you encounter this link, it indicates that your instructor will be utilizing D2L.

What is the significance of this omission: “No login. Either you did not successfully log in, or your session has expired.”

If you encounter this error while attempting to use D2L, it indicates that your session has ended due to inactivity. Note that a 180-minute (3-hour) inactivity timeout has been set for the D2L system at OCC. If you are logged into the system and it remains idle for more than three hours, the system will automatically log you out.

If you attempt any function in the D2L system of OCC while logged out due to inactivity, you will receive the error message shown in the preceding question. If you wish to continue using the OCC D2L system, you must log in again. Note that any information that is not saved will be lost and cannot be recovered due to inactivity and the subsequent session termination.

  • What should we do if our course does not appear in D2L?

If you are in this circumstance, you can view your My Class Schedule on MyOCC. However, you must first determine whether you registered today. If so, you must wait one business day for D2L to reflect your enrollment. However, if you do not register today and have been registered for at least three days, you must ensure that a link to D2L appears next to the course section in the My Class Schedule.

If present, you can examine the section’s dates. The course will then appear in D2L from the Select a course… drop-down menu seven days prior to the MyOCC start date. Ten days after the MyOCC end date, the course will be removed from D2L’s Select a course drop-down menu. However, what should we do if there is no link next to the section? If you don’t see it but believe your instructor uses D2L, you can contact your instructor for more information.

  • Where can we obtain assistance with logging into D2L?

Note that D2L uses your MyOCC credentials to authenticate you into the system. Choose the ‘What’s My User Name’ link at the bottom of MyOCC if you forget your username. Nonetheless, if you cannot recall your MyOCC password, you must click the ‘What’s My Password?’ link at the bottom of the page. Alternately, you may visit any Enrollment Services location and request that your MyOCC password be reset.

Why do certain areas of the D2L system stop functioning when the beta version of a browser is installed and utilized?

This is because beta browser versions are not supported. Thus, you are able to utilize a supported version of the browser’s general release.

  • Where can we locate information about D2L’s website accessibility compliance?

Oakland Community College is currently using the D2L Learning Environment. If you wish to review the Learning Environment’s information, you can visit D2L’s Accessibility Standards Compliance page.

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