Free Help for McMaster Login Portal 2022

Free Help for McMaster Login Portal 2022
Free Help for McMaster Login Portal 2022

Free Help for McMaster Login Portal 2022

Free Help for McMaster Login Portal 2022, provides access to the administrative information systems of McMaster University. It is a student portal where you may log in to see your academic data, register for classes, add/drop courses, and change your account password, among other things.

Free Help for McMaster Login Portal 2022
Free Help for McMaster Login Portal 2022

Login instructions for McMaster Mosaic

To gain entry to the McMaster Mosaic student center,

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Recovery of your MacID

A MacID is a unique alphanumeric identifier that allows access to university systems, services, and apps for all McMaster community members. Certain services may require additional permission.

Your MacID is not the same as your employee or student ID.

If you have forgotten your MacID, you can retrieve it by following these steps:

  • Visit and click on Need assistance with your MacID?
  • Select I Forgot My MacID, followed by Next.
  • Enter your nine-digit Person ID number, 14-digit Barcode, and birth date (mm/dd/yyyy) in the format mm/dd/yyyy.Click Submit.
  • Onscreen, your MacID will be displayed.

If you can’t find your student number and barcode, please use the Online Chat Service at to get in touch with the Registrar’s office.

How to configure your primary email

All mail sent to your [email protected] will be routed to the inbox of your primary account. This may be an internal McMaster account or a personal external account. If your primary email address is not a McMaster account, no mail will be delivered to your McMaster account inbox.

If you have questions or can’t solve your problem, you can ask for help at the Service Desk.

This modification will take 24 hours to take effect. Your account will not receive mail until the following day.

  1. Log In to
  2. Click “View Identity” towards the page’s top.
  3. Your information will appear. Click “Administration”
  4. Your details will appear. Select “Edit Identity” Select the email address you wish to use as your primary account and click “Submit.”

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How to modify a password

This procedure requires that you are aware of your MacID password and intend to update it. If you’ve forgotten your password, please refer to Forgot your Password?

Procedure to change a password:

  1. To get to your work or school account, go to My Account ( and enter the password you already use.
  2. Select a password from the navigation pane on the left, or click the Change password option within the Password block.
  3. Enter your previous password, then create and confirm a new one.
  4. Select “Submit.”

Your account’s password will be changed, and you will be prompted to log in again.

How to reset or retrieve a lost password

You can reset your MacID password via Self Service Password Reset if you’ve forgotten it.

This procedure also requires registration with the Self-Service Password Reset Service (SSPR).

  1. Visit the My Account page at and select your account.
  2. Click the Forgot Password link.
  3. Follow the directions to retrieve your password.

Instructions for using the McMaster Mosaic Student Center

Navigate to the ‘Student Center’ page and follow these steps to drop and add courses in Mosaic. You can search for classes under ‘Search’ on the left side of the Academics page, or by clicking the Search for Classes icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to look for courses

On the search screen, you can input search parameters to refine your results. To browse by subject, click the Select Subject button, scroll through the list, and then click the Select button after you’ve found the appropriate option.

You can search by course number (e.g., 1A03), but students should disregard the class number, which is intended primarily for faculty usage. “More than or equal to” when utilizing the “Meeting Start Time” option signifies “beginning at or after a specified time.”

The days of the week filter allows you to include or omit courses with meetings on specific days. View the video titled “Finding Classes to Fit Your Schedule” for more on advanced searching.

How to register for a course

Select the radio button next to the course portion you wish to enroll in, and then click the “next” button. Prior to clicking “next” again to add the item to your shopping basket, you will have the opportunity to study the product’s specifications.

Once the first course has been added to the shopping cart, you may continue searching or proceed to the next stage. When you are ready to check out, select the Enroll tab, and a summary of your shopping cart will appear. To confirm enrollment, select “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” and click Finish Enrollment‘. See the Searching for and Adding Courses video for information on adding courses.

How to withdraw from a course

To drop a course, navigate to the Enroll tab in the Student Center and select Drop. Select the course you wish to drop and confirm your selection.

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