Free LAUSD Clever

Free LAUSD Clever
Free LAUSD Clever

LAUSD Clever

Free LAUSD Clever
Free LAUSD Clever

LAUSD Clever is a digital platform that LAUSD uses. If you are a LAUSD student, you must be aware of this platform. This section will explain how to log in to Clever as well as a bit about Clever Badges.

Accessing the Clever Portal

To log onto the Clever Portal, you must visit the Clever login page for your district. If you do not know your district’s Clever login page, you can access and identify your school or district from there. If your school cannot be located, you can ask your teacher how to access Clever.

It is crucial to note that you must use your district’s username and password to log in. Your username and password were created by your school district. They may be your identification number, student number, or email address.

When utilizing the Login with Clever button, you must enter your district’s username and password. Your school district creates this information, including your username and password. This could be your ID number, student number, or email address. If you get the error Invalid Username or Password, it means that the username and/or password you used for your Clever account are incorrect.

If you log in to Clever using the Log In with Google button, you will be sent to the Google account associated with your Clever account. You must provide the school-issued email address. If an error message stating “Incorrect password. Try Again” means that your email address or password is incorrect. Therefore, you may retry or contact your instructor for assistance. Nevertheless, if the error message is “Oh no! The error message “We were unable to authenticate using Google email: [email protected]” indicates that the Google email address you used to sign in is not the email address associated with your Clever account. Therefore, you must use the school-provided email account.

If you connect in to Clever using the Log In with Active Directory button, you will be directed to Active Directory Federation Services to sign in to your school account. Note that the login and password for ADFS are provided by your institution. Active Directory’s username and password are often the email address and password used to log in to school computers.

If you get an error message identical to “Incorrect user ID or password,” you must contact your instructor for assistance. If the login page fails to load after clicking Login With Active Directory or Log In with Office 365, you can try clearing your cache. If you access Clever from a Chromebook, you should log out and then restart the device.

Using a Clever Backup Code

If you can not remember your Clever login information, your teacher can provide you with a Backup Code to access Clever. To utilize a Backup Code, you must click the Get Help Signing In link on your Clever login page and then click the Students: Log in using a Backup Code option. Then, you must input the Backup Code provided by your instructor, and do not forget to press the Login button.

How Students Can Sign In to Apps Through Clever

Follow the instructions below if you are a LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) student who want to access apps via Clever.

  • Accessing is the initial step. . After clicking this link, you must enter your LAUSD email account and password ([email protected]) to log in.
  • You must now select Back To The Lake, The Norton Field Guide to Writing, or a different program. Then, you will be instantly logged into your account without having to log in again.

If you have forgotten your LAUSD email address or password, you can speak with a teacher or school technology consultant.

Logout from Clever

How do you now log out of Clever? You must first navigate to the Clever Portal and then hover over your name in the upper-right corner before clicking the Log Out button.

You will also be automatically logged out of Clever after 24 hours of inactivity or when the browser is closed. If you close your browser window, Clever will not log you out.

Clever Badges

Students and teachers may securely access their education applications with a single username and password with Clever Instant Login. As a student, you can log in with Clever Badges by presenting a physical Badge with a QR code to the webcam of the computer instead of entering credentials.

How to Create Ingenious Badges for Your Classroom

  • Log in at as the initial step. through the use of Active Directory credentials.
  • Following that, click Classes.
  • In this stage, you must select the class for which you wish to produce badges.
  • Now, you must select Download Class Set of Badges to obtain a PDF containing all of your student badges.

Troubleshooting Clever Badges Problems

If you discover that a student’s badge has been lost, stolen, or compromised in any manner, you can nullify or print replacement badges for that student by following the steps below.

  • You must first log in with this link:
  • After that, you must select Classes.
  • Now, you must click on the student’s name on the class roster to have the choice to reprint an identical badge or nullify it entirely. After invalidating it, you might be able to print a new QR code.

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