GCSS Army Self Registration Portal

GCSS Army Self Registration Portal

GCSS Army Self Registration Portal
GCSS Army Self Registration Portal

GCSS Army Self Registration Portal is very essential for the students even administrators, Prior to utilizing the Global Combat Support System (GCSS) Army, personnel must register. Self-registration is required for personnel to create their own GCSS Army records. Then, their own records are used to identify them as potential GCSS-Army users or equipment operators.

Are you someone who wishes to join the GCSS? You are unable to register because you do not know the link portal. If so, you need not be concerned, as this post will provide a link to the GCSS Army Self-Registration Portal. Here you go!

GCSS Self-Registration Portal for the Army

To join the GCSS Army, please visit the corresponding link. It is designed to prevent registration on the incorrect portal. Thankfully, the correct URL for the GCSS Army Self-Registration Portal will be displayed.

The URL for the GCSS Army Self-Registration portal is https://www.gcss-army.army.mil/HR.Self-Register/. Please visit the above link if you would like to register for the GCSS Army Self-Registration. Please do not type the link manually into your browser, as the link is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly.

If personnel must register themselves, they must have access to the SAMS-E computer installed in the same area. Nonetheless, it seeks to ensure that the Army’s personal information in SAMS-E corresponds to the date entered into GCSS Army.

Consequently, there are the following requirements that personnel must meet:

  • Name: The personnel must have a Last name, First name, middle initial, and suffix.
  • Its purpose is to identify the personnel’s date of birth.
  • UIC: The SAMS-E data of the Soldier must be loaded into the UIC of Self-Registration.
  • It includes the personnel’s weight, height, eye color, as well as hair color.

After meeting all requirements, personnel must insert their Soldier’s CAC (Military, Civilian, or Contractor) into a computer-attached reader. Then, they must visit the portal link mentioned previously. After that, they must follow the instructions that may appear on the screen.

How Do I Sign In to the GCSS Army Portal?

After registering via the GCSS Army Self Registration Portal, personnel must log into the GCSS Army via the portal login. The GCSS Army portal login can be accessed at https://www.gcss-army.army.mil/. Internet Explorer is highly recommended for accessing the GCSS Army portal login.

The personnel must then click the GCSS-Army Login shortcut or previously saved favorite. The user can then select the “Login with CAC” option. In addition, they have access to the HTML GUI within the GCSS Army Portal. It is possible if the Java Software is not installed or if the user cannot access the JAVA graphical user interface.

How do you logout? If they wish to log off, they must close the browser window or click the Log Off button next to EUM+.

What exactly is the GCSS Army?

The Global Combat Support System-Army, or GCSS, is a single system containing the functionality associated with the maintenance, supply, tactical finance, and property business areas.

In other words, GCSS Army is an integrated system that allows users with access and permission to log in and complete their business area missions based on their position in the modular structure of global locations.

In addition, this integration results in all data being stored in a single database. Additionally, this is available to all authorized users. In this instance, the integration will demonstrate timeliness, precision, and allow for significant economies of scale in areas such as system support, management, and training.

Eventually, the GCSS Army will replace a number of defunct Army management information systems. The SAP-ERP system is being utilized to develop the system. In addition, it will be utilized throughout the tactical logistics environments of the National Guard and Army’s Active and Reserve components.

Users may encounter ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning in the GCSS. Certainly, it has significance that supports the system.

  • Enterprise refers to the complete organizational structure (Army);
  • Resources means all equipment, facilities, personnel, funds and more;
  • Planning is the systematic planning, coordination, and execution of all Army logistical operations using a single software system and a standard hardware configuration.

Find Out More About GTRAC

In the case of GCSS training, users will likely encounter the term GTRAC. It seeks to serve as the authoritative source for the most recent GCSS-Army WTB and Wave 2 online NET. In this instance, WTB will familiarize the user with the GCSS-Army system in preparation for subsequent familiarization sessions that occur during the D-180 sequence preceding NET and conversion.

GTRAC will enable trainees to self-register, accept a completion certificate upon passing the corresponding exam, and access online training materials. Then, trainees are free to advance at their own pace.

Additionally, it is suggested that they review the WBT material multiple times before attending or accessing NET. In this instance, we also recommend that each trainee progress through the training at a deliberate pace to ensure full comprehension.

The objective extends beyond passing the exams. Its purpose is a comprehensive comprehension of its system. The greater the students’ understanding of GCSS-Army prior to attending or accessing NET, the greater their ability to retain the detailed NET materials.

It will, however, facilitate a seamless transition to post-conversion activities. Accessing GTRAC, Registration, Web-Based Training (WBT), Wave 2 NET, Wave 2 New Equipment Refresher Training, Assessments, and Certificates of Completion must be followed for a comprehensive look at the functionality of GTRAC.

How to Encounter Any Issues on GCSS?

If personnel encounter problems while accessing GCSS Army, they will contact the GCSS Help Desk for assistance. They can access the GCSS Help Desk if they have previously registered. Then, they will be required to visit the hyperlink. In addition, they must complete an initial registration form to gain access to the GSCC Army.

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