How Long Is the Medical Coding and Billing Course Online? 2022

How Long Is the Medical Coding and Billing Course Online?
How Long Is the Medical Coding and Billing Course Online?

How Long Is the Medical Coding and Billing Course Online? 2022

How Long Is the Medical Coding and Billing Course Online?
How Long Is the Medical Coding and Billing Course Online?

Do you wish to become a specialist in medical billing and coding?  How Long is the Medical Coding and Billing Course Online?. It implies that you must complete a course in medical billing and coding. If you cannot attend the in-person class, you can now enroll in an online program for this course. However, how long is the online medical billing and coding course?

Course Duration for Online Medical Billing and Coding

How long it will take you to complete an online medical billing and coding course depends on the institution you select, your pace, and other variables. There are also programs that take two or three years to complete. If you only want a certification in medical billing and coding, it can take up to a year, but if you want an associate degree in this field, it can take up to three years.

To determine how long it will take you to complete the course, you can first select the institution where you will study and then visit its website. If the duration does not align with your objectives, you can select a different institution.

You may use the list of institutions that offer Medical Billing and Coding Programs as a starting point for your research. Check by visit website

A List of Online Medical Billing and Coding Courses

  • CareerStep

In four months, you can complete this Medical Billing and Coding course. In this course, you will be prepared to take the CPC and COC national certification exams, and you will gain practical and real-world experience. The course is accessible for twelve months. Therefore, if you cannot finish it in four months, you still have time. This course is $3,699 in cost.


Medical Billing and Coding can be completed at your own pace in 40 to 60 hours or approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Here, you will conduct online reference research, read past students’ experiences, and take all exams online. In addition, you will learn about worker camps, insurance, managed plans, claims processing, and more. This course is priced at $799.95.

  • Ashworth University

This college’s Medical Billing and Coding program can be completed in four to twelve months. This online course is priced at $649. This institution is authorized by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

  • Rasmussen College

The Medical Billing and Coding certificate program at Rasmussen College can be completed in nine months. This program is offered both on-campus and online, and it costs $9,867 plus $330 for books and additional supplies. This course will teach you the most efficient ways to work with patient records and patient privacy, medical coding, medical terminology, and anatomy, among other topics.

  • Miller Motte

This institution offers Medical Billing and Coding courses on-campus, online, and hybrid versions of both. This course requires 15 months to complete and costs $9,720. Do you wish to attend this course on campus? On college campuses in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina, it is possible.

  • Dakota State College

This university’s Medical Billing and Coding course can be completed in one year. This course costs $10,032 if you reside in South Dakota, but $13,549 if you reside outside of South Dakota. After completing the course, you have the option of pursuing an associate’s degree in health information technology or a bachelor’s in health information administration.

  • Medcerts

This is one of the available online certification and training programs for medical billing specialists. This program can be completed in approximately 12 weeks. After completing this program, certification will be granted by the National Healthcareer Associations. Afterwards, you can begin a career in medical billing support. This program costs between $2,000 and $4,000.

  • Cornell University

You can earn a certificate in insurance billing and coding here. After you complete it, then you can get positions that include insurance billing and coding specialist. This university offers a diploma with 44 credit hours and the necessary skills to work not only in billing and coding but also as a secretary and someone who can specialize in medical record keeping. This program can be completed in one year for a diploma and in two years for an associate degree.

Why You Should Opt for Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding specialists are required because almost every doctor visit requires correctly coded documentation for the physician to receive payment. However, if you are still unsure about enrolling in this course, here are a few reasons why you should enroll in the Medical Billing and Coding Program.

  • Acquiring New Abilities

When you decide to enroll in a Medical Billing and Coding course, you will gain invaluable skills such as attention to detail, time management, medical terminology, state regulations, and billing and coding software.

  • In-Demand Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Numerous businesses and hospitals require this profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational, the industry is experiencing a 13 percent increase in employment. Consequently, now is a good time for you to be in this career field. Due to the high demand for this profession, you will enjoy financial stability, job security, satisfying work, and the ability to easily switch employers.

  • Having Beneficial Working Hours

Generally, medical billing and coding specialists have reasonable work hours. In medical offices, regular business hours are the norm, but evening and weekend work may occur on occasion. In hospitals, people typically work in the evenings, on weekends, or in shifts. The main point is that as a medical billing and coding specialist, your working hours are predictable.