Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS MOIEP),  is referred to by the initials MCPS, whereas MOIEP stands for Maryland Online IEP. The MOIEP is the platform used by MCPS students. The MOIEP’s structure can be broken down into two parts or modules. IEP Module is the second one, and Student Compass is the first.


The one module that is displayed when you connect into the system and contains all of the IEP’s supporting documentation is referred to as the Student Compass. The IEP Module is used to begin, continue to build, or review an IEP prior to the IEP connected to the case. Visit website

Each of them has distinctive qualities all their own. Despite their differences, they still have certain things in common. You can use the Look Up Student search field at the top of the page to look up a student’s case from either component. You can also use the Help function to access the user and process guides.

Only the first component allows for the creation of reports and access to forms or logs for students. If you wish to send the user back to the Student Compass Module, use the Student Compass link in the IEP module’s upper left corner. Only the IEP Module can be used to enter data into the student’s IEP.

The MOIEP MCPS receives the student demographic information from the neighborhood school districts. They also offer a recurring upload of student data aside from that. The frequency is set by the neighborhood school system and can be as frequent as every night. Once the so-called student demographic data is accessible,

it can be elevated to the case level. Each form, report, and IEP development are all still viable at this point. The demographic information recorded at the case level may be imported into the student’s IEP by choosing the Copy Demographic Data option on the Student and School Information page of the IEP.

Here is the MOIEP MCPS user and procedure guide for people who are unfamiliar with it.

You can access information on how to use the MOIEP MCPS system and requirements for creating a high-quality standard equivalent to IEP by using the technical assistance tools. The MOIEP MCPS system’s functionality is described in depth in the User Guide, while the rules and specifications are described in the Process Guide. The drop-down menu next to the user’s name contains the technical support tools.

Select User & Process Guide (Web) from the drop-down menu if you want to access the searchable knowledge base for both the MSDE Process Guide and the MOIEP MCPS system User Guide. By entering a keyword in the Search for Help toolbar or selecting the topic for the list, you can freely access all of the material from that location. The information from the Process Guide is indicated by the PG that can be found in the search results.

How do I access MOIEP MCPS? You must first enter the login name and password you were given. Please be aware that case affects the password. Please press Enter or click Submit to finish the login procedure once you have entered those two pieces of information. If this is your first time logging in to MOIEP MCPS, you will need to choose a new password and respond to a secret question.

If you need to reset your password because you forgot it or for some other reason, you will use this secure password. To have your password emailed to your email in case you forget it, click the Forgot Password option.

Speaking of the passwords, they cannot be the same as the past 3 passwords used, must be 8 characters long, contain a special character, and cannot be popular terms like “qwerty” or “password.” Every 90 days, they will expire and you will need to input a new one.

People who end users who have numerous accounts in MOIEP MCPS, ECAS, and IFSP can use Single Sign-on. In order to create a single sign-on account, the end user must be logged into the MOIEP MCPS system. The Single Sign-on Portal link should be clicked first if you want to create a single sign-on account. Create a Single Sign-on ID next, and then link a few different user names and passwords of the system.

The next step is to select a secret question and provide a response in order to implement the forgotten password capability. Once the so-called single Sign-on ID has been created, you can use the single sign-on portal to log into the MOIEP MCPS system and quickly access the other systems with just one click.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when utilizing MOIEP MCPS. The app has a time limit for how long the application can go without being used for safety concerns. The platform will log you out after roughly 30 minutes. The lack of action, such as not clicking, can be the cause of the inactivity. The time can be restarted with any click. It appears that typing does not count as clicking, hence it will not rewind the clock.

Please save frequently while you are using the software. By clicking on this button, the timer will be reset and no date will be lost. Everything after the last time the Save button was pressed will be lost if you leave the current location without first saving. The Save button should always be used. Another thing to remember is to use the navigation options on your browser rather than the back arrow on your browser.

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