MCPS Resource Performance Is Crucial 2022

MCPS Resource Performance Is Crucial
MCPS Resource Performance Is Crucial

MCPS Resource Performance Is Crucial

MCPS Resource Performance Is Crucial
MCPS Resource Performance Is Crucial

MCPS Resource Performance Is Crucial is a platform for all student evaluation and analytics requirements. This one provides a more complete view of the learner. It can be used to examine and compare assessment results in order to make instructional decisions based on data.

Performance Matter is the most incredible thing ever created. Everyone in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) can use this software to meet their requirements. Spend time practicing the creation of reports to compare some metrics of student achievement and the assessment performance of the entire district. Determine how to apply filters in order to disaggregate student data. Those that comply can then view results by school, teacher, or class.

What benefits does Performance Matters offer?

  • Unique online reporting system

Performance Matters integrates data from numerous sources, including attendance, conduct, district-built tests, third-party exams, and social emotional learning, into a dashboard.

  • Analytics for improved student achievement

You and your team may exchange the reports easily and securely, allowing them to devote more time to focusing on the student.

  • Save time to concentrate on the student’s success.

You may quickly and simply have access to all of the necessary student, teacher, school, and district analytics in order to better customize learning experiences for everyone.

  • Improve your view of the child

Using pre-designed CASEL SEL surveys, you can identify pupils who are at risk.

The Performance Matter platform contains state assessment results and other data carefully selected by district leaders. All measurements give data that can be utilized to inform instructional decisions in your school or district.

To log in to Performance Matter, you must first visit Click the Customer Login button to log in. Instead of entering your credentials, click the Need new Password? option on the login screen. On the subsequent screen, the email address linked with your Unify account must be input. You will then receive an email with instructions for changing your password. Once the password has been established, return to the login screen, enter the credentials, and then click the Login button.

You will be required to agree to the Terms of Service. If you wish to proceed to the homepage, please click the I Agree button. By doing so, an Unconfirmed Profile message will appear beneath your name. Choose [Your Name] > Confirm My Profile when you see it. On the next page, you can review your profile details. You may even upload an avatar if you so like. When you are ready, you can click the Save Profile button to confirm your changes and return to the homepage.

The approach described above is the initial login procedure. In addition to the initial login, there is also a standard login. After establishing your password for the first time, follow these steps to log in. Click the Customer Login button to begin. After it is complete, enter your Unify credentials and click the Login button.

You can click the link Need new Password? if you forget your password. Please enter your Unify login email address and then click the Submit button.

If you wish to take a break from your job, you should log out of your account. Simply select [Your Name] > Logout to accomplish this.

After approximately one hour of inactivity, you will receive a Session Idle warning message with a countdown to automatic logout and the option to continue. If you do not click Continue, you will be automatically logged out. If you wish to continue working, you must re-log in. Remember that you will be returned to the homepage, not the page where you were working before to being logged out.

The user will receive a Logout Alert message informing them that their session has ended due to inactivity. Please note that the timeout does not refresh the screen automatically as a courtesy. When you press the Cancel button on the Logged Out alert window, you are given the choice to screen capture or record any work that was saved before to the timeout. Any subsequent attempts to take action within Unify will result in an error and the modifications will not be stored.

There is a demo mode function that can be utilized to protect student information while utilizing Unify for a demonstration or presentation. Simply select [Your Name] > Demo Mode from the main navigation menu to use it. When visiting a screen that displays the names and IDs of students, the names of the teacher, or the names of the school while in this mode, the information will be substituted with hash marks (#). All download-related reports will be disabled.

On the left side of the screen is the data Resource, which contains the data measures specified by your district leaders. The files that you can view depend on your position, and you will only be able to view those that contain information for your allocated pupils. The Data Resource Pane is subdivided into the following:

  • State Test Results provides a breakdown of state standardized test scores by overall score and accomplishment level.
  • State/Local by Strand including state standardized test performance broken down by sub-claim.
  • Third-party Data containing individual files for the third-party measures selected by the district to import, such as iReady or STAR evaluations.
  • Student grades that have been imported from the district’s student information system.
  • Early Warning Indicators include information about absences, course failures, and behavior issues, etc.
  • RTI/MTSS containing intervention program information.

Please visit for further information regarding Performance Matters.

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