My USC portal Login Tips 2022

My USC portal Login Tips 2022
My USC portal Login Tips 2022

My USC portal Login Tips 2022

My USC portal Login Tips 2022, allows students to access numerous online services offered by the University of Southern California using their USC NetID. The updated version has been designed for mobile devices and more customization options have been included so that students may access the information they need quickly.

My USC portal Login Tips 2022
My USC portal Login Tips 2022

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How to access my USC portal Login

To access my USC login portal,

  1. Proceed to
  2. Input your USC NetID on the login page (Username).
  3. Provide your password.
  4. Select Sign In to gain access to your account.

How to activate your NetID at USC

Your USC NetID is a username that lets you use the wireless network, My USC, Blackboard, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Trojan Time, and Workday, among other important USC online tools and resources.

Each faculty member, staff member, and student at USC receives a USC NetID account, also known as a Shibboleth or enterprise account. Some colleges and departments at USC still have their own systems that don’t use the USC NetID account.

To activate Your USC NetID, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Activate your USC NetID” at
  2. Enter your 10-digit USC NetID and birthdate. Click then on “Find USCnet ID Username”
  3. Click on the name of your USC NetID, then click “Activate this NetID.”
  4. Click “Set email address” after entering your secondary email address.
  5. Copy and paste the confirmation code from your secondary email account’s confirmation email into the supplied field. Select “verify secondary email”
  6. Enter your USC NetID password and then click “Save Password.”

How to change your USC NetID password or email

To change your USC NetID password, follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit
  2. On the site’s home page, click “Change Your Password.”
  3. Enter your current NetID and password for USC.
  4. Create a new password on the tab labeled “Change your Password.” Your new password must be between 16 and 64 characters long.
  5. After changing your password, you will not be required to do so again for one year.

my USC enrollment fundamentals and instructions

Here are the steps for enrolling in courses through my USC. Refer to the USC Academic Calendar for important dates and due dates that are significant.

  1. Access your registration appointment time using my USC.
  2. Before attempting to register for classes, verify or correct your address and make any required adjustments. Through myUSC, you can access your address record.
  3. If required, meet with your academic advisor to plan your schedule.
  4. Contact your department and make arrangements for “D” clearance and/or required exemptions.
  5. Clear any restrictions listed on the Permit to Register, as well as any necessary notification obligation.
  6. Sign in to my USC and use Web Registration ( to register for classes and modify your schedule.
  7. Purchase your USCard, parking permit, and any additional services that will be billed to your student account.
  8. To discover the status of your financial aid or to review your Financial Aid Summary, sign in to your Financial Aid Summary and Tasks (FAST) website.
  9. If your eligibility for financial aid includes Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, and you wish to borrow from these programs, you must complete the application requirements outlined at
  10. Visit the Student Financial Services website to electronically sign your Promissory Note for HPSL, LDS, PCL, or USC institutional loans.
  11. Graduate students: If you choose to borrow from this program, you must follow the instructions at to apply for the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan.
  12. If your parents choose to borrow from this program, ensure they apply for a Federal Direct PLUS Loan at
  13. Utilize to apply for the USC Payment Plan or Tuition Reimbursement Deferment (provided by Student Financial Services).
  14. Make payment at the Cashier’s Office. All students must register and pay their invoices in full by the due date to avoid incurring late fines.

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