Normandale D2L EServices

Normandale D2L EServices
Normandale D2L EServices

Normandale D2L EServices

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Normandale D2L EServices
Normandale D2L EServices

E-Services Portal

Registration via Normandale eServices is restricted to college courses only. Other articles on our website provide information about enrolling in hourly-based Continuing Education and Customized Training courses. Before proceeding to Normandale e-Services, please confirm you’ve read all of the below-listed information.

Summer and Autumn 2021 Enrollment Continues

  • Registration is open to degree-seeking, no degree-seeking and visiting students.
  • Senior citizens can register for summer beginning on June 1 and for fall beginning on August 23.

The registration guidance can be found in the Course Schedules and Catalogs section.

Fee for Tuition

Below is information regarding payment plans and other payment deadlines.

When you enroll in a course, you are liable for the associated tuition and costs. There are several ways to pay your bill and avoid having your registration canceled:

Monthly Remittances

Please enroll in the Nelnet Payment Plan with the needed initial deposit. Automatic monthly payments charged to your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover/Novus card. For further details, you are able to call at 800-609-8056. Please note that the sole expense associated with budgeting monthly payments through Nelnet is a non-refundable enrollment charge of $25 per semester. If you choose to pay your account in full, the only fees you will incur are the $2 full payment fee and any applicable convenience or service fees for debit/credit card transactions.

Financial Aid

Please submit a free Application for Federal Student Aid or Minnesota Dream Act application to the Financial Aid Office at Normandale.

  • Pay in Full

Through eServices, you will be able to pay your tuition and fees in full.

  • Advance Payment

Pay 15 percent of your total tuition and fees, or $300. You are strongly advised to establish a payment plan for your outstanding balance. Note that enrolling in the Nelnet Payment Plan will necessitate an additional down payment through Nelnet.

  1. Unknown Party

Please submit an Authorization for Third Party Billing to the Payments and Billing Office. For additional details, please see the Third Party page.

  • Educational Benefits for Veterans

To request a deferment, submit a VA Education and Military Benefits Request E-Form. Additional documents may be necessary to establish eligibility for benefits. To learn more, please visit the VA Education Benefits page.

  • Federal Scholarship Aid (FTA)

Please submit a VA and Military Benefits Obtain E-Form to request a deferment. You must complete the necessary requirements through your military branch in order to obtain money. Additionally, you must submit your TA Authorization to the Payments and Billing Office. For additional information, please visit the FTA website

  • Scholarship

Deliver scholarship documentation or the scholarship check to the Payments and Billing Office. You may access the Third Party Page for additional information.

  • PSEO

Each semester, please submit your PSEO Notice of Student Registration form. For additional details, please visit the PSEO website.


Before you may register for a course, you will be needed to provide documentation confirming you have met the prerequisite requirements if they do not already have it. The Prerequisite Verification Form is the most effective means of achieving this objective.

Instructor Authorization

Several courses or situations need you to obtain instructor authorization. Examples include:

Courses that require teacher approval (For example: Music lessons)
Add the course after the deadline has passed.

After your instructor has reported your absence, you will be reinstated to the class.

In only exceptional cases are there overriding requirements (not available for ENGC, EAP, READ, MATH)

Changing a course’s grading system after the withdrawal date (e.g., from A-F to Pass/No Credit for courses numbered below 1000).

Please obtain permission by sending an email from your email account to the instructor. Submit your name, Tech ID number, the course ID, class, and section number of the selected class, as well as your Tech ID number. The teacher will commence an online procedure by submitting an Instructor Permission eForm if your request is approved. You must monitor your Normandale email account, as your approval is required before the request can be executed.

Check your email account frequently. Numerous vital communications are sent via email. Email from is their major method of contact with you. Obviously, you are responsible for the information sent on your behalf. Within a week of the conclusion of the term, they inform the pupils of any warnings and suspensions. If you have been suspended and wish to enroll for the next semester, you must immediately file your appeal.

How to Enroll

During their advising and registration event, new students enrolling for the Fall or Spring term will register. Visit the Admissions Office’s website for comprehensive information on admissions and new student registration.

The newly enrolled students for the summer term:

  • Please reference the academic calendar for dates and deadlines regarding registration. In addition, you must review the Deadlines for Registration Changes/Drop and Withdrawal.
  • Find your registration window under eServices. This information is provided approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the priority registration period.
  • Consult the Course Calendar in order to determine which classes will be offered and to organize your schedule.
  • Download the Registration instructions for comprehensive information regarding online registration. Also, you must acquire knowledge of:
  1. Authenticating with eServices.
  2. Checking for holds that may have an effect on registration.
  3. Choosing or modifying the grading method for the course.
  4. Students are dropping and withdrawing from classes.
  5. Wait listing

Registration online is merely a click away.

Course Requirements: If you wish to register for a course that has prerequisites, you may submit a Prerequisite Verification Form for registration approval.

The Records Office will assist students with registration-related questions. Keep in mind that federal and state regulations restrict the kind of information that can be disclosed via phone or email.

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