Per month, how many Course Hero unlocks?

Per month, how many Course Hero unlocks?
Per month, how many Course Hero unlocks?

Per month, how many Course Hero unlocks?

Per month, how many Course Hero unlocks?
Per month, how many Course Hero unlocks?

Per month, how many Course Hero unlocks?. By contributing their own documents to Course Hero’s library, all members have the opportunity to earn Unlocks and Questions. Members of Course Hero can earn 5 Unlocks or 3 Questions (up to a maximum of 9) for every 10 documents submitted. Regarding Course Hero, how many documents can you unlock per month? This page will explain the aforementioned information, so please continue reading.

Transfers for Unlocks

You can earn free Course Hero Unlocks by uploading your own study materials and documents to aid other students in their studies. When you upload content, you’ll receive five Unlocks for every ten successful uploads. Unlocks are valid for thirty days and can be used to view and download complete Course Hero documents. This does not include promotional, educator, or bonus unlocks that may be offered.

How Many Courses Does Hero Unlock Monthly?

We are confident that you are eager to learn how many Course Hero documents you can unlock per month. For each paid membership option, you will receive 30 Unlocks per month beginning on the date of your subscription. Your Unlocks will expire each month from the date of initial registration, and unused Unlocks will not carry over. As long as you have a Premier Membership, you will be able to purchase additional Unlocks if you run out. If you accept Unlocks from document uploading, they will expire 30 days after you receive them. Course Hero does not offer an unlimited number of unlocks.

What Does It Mean for a Document to Be Unlocked?

Unlocking a file or unlocking Textbook Solution and Explanation allows you to view it in its entirety. For the duration of your Course Hero subscription, you can access your account page to view all previously unlocked documents and Textbook Solutions and Explanations.

Does Viewing a File Constitute Unlocking It?

No. This does not count as an Unlock if you search for a document and only see its preview. Course Hero wants you to be able to determine whether a document is relevant to you prior to unlocking it. You must click Unlock Document for the document to be counted. Then you will be able to view it in its entirety and download it.

Will my unlocks expire if I don’t use all of them?

Yes, certainly. If you purchased a Premier Membership, your Unlocks will reset to 30 every 30 days so long as your membership remains active. Once your membership has expired, so will the Unlocks. If you accepted Unlocks through uploading, they will expire 30 days after receipt.

How can I view the number of remaining unlocks?

There are three different ways to determine your unlock balance:

Your Unlock balance will be displayed atop each study document you view.
Your Unlock and Question balances will be displayed in the account dashboard’s bottom-left navigation panel.
If you have obtained Unlocks, you can view your available Unlock balance under Available Earned Unlocks on the My Rewards dashboard.

Can I pay to decrypt additional files?

Yes, certainly. If your account has run out of Unlocks and you have a Premier Membership, you can purchase additional Unlocks for a fee. These Unlocks will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can now proceed to the page where you can purchase additional Unlocks. If you do not have a Premier Membership, this link will not work. Additionally, the link will only work if there are no available unlocks on your account.

Why Do I Not Have Unlocks If I Uploaded the Necessary Documents?

It may take up to 24 hours for documents to be processed and credited to your Course Hero account by the Course Hero system. If your study documents have not been processed within this time frame, you can contact their Support Team through the button labeled Contact Us. Remember that uploaded documents must be automatically processed prior to being added to the Course Hero database and credited to your account. In addition, you will not accept credit for documents that Course Hero’s automated processing system rejects. The majority of rejected study documents are duplicates that already exist on Course Hero. Or because they contain random and/or irrelevant material. To obtain Unlocks, the minimum upload requirements must be satisfied.

Am I Required To Pay? What is it priced at?

The Course Hero platform provides both a free Basic Membership and a paid Premier Membership. A la carte assistance from their online tutors is available to free members. Premier members will have access to thirty documents and/or User Questions. In addition, Premier members will have access to all Textbook Solutions and Explanations in the Course Hero library, as well as up to forty questions.

If you are interested in signing up for a Premier membership, you will be charged immediately. You are now able to view their membership cost. They impose a single charge at the time of purchase. Remember that they do not wish to interrupt your service. Consequently, at the conclusion of the commitment period, your subscription will be automatically renewed. You may cancel your subscription at any time without consequence.

As described previously, all Course Hero members can earn Unlocks and Questions by uploading their own study materials to the platform’s library. You can earn 5 Unlocks or 3 Questions (up to 9) for every 10 submitted study documents.