Service Provider Support for SFA D2L 2022

Service Provider Support for SFA D2L 2022
Service Provider Support for SFA D2L 2022

Service Provider Support for SFA D2L 2022

Service Provider Support for SFA D2L 2022
Service Provider Support for SFA D2L 2022

In this Service Provider Support for SFA D2L 2022, we’ll be discussing SFA D2L support. Students at Stephen F. Austin State University must be aware of this information. Be sure to take the time to read what follows.

Support from SFA’s tech team

You can reach the Office of Instructional Technology’s (OIT’s) student support at 936-468-1919 or d2l@sfasu.eduor for D2L technical support. You must leave a voicemail if you call after regular business hours or on the weekend.

Technical Support Center (TSC) can be reached at 936-468-HELP (4357) or for general computer support (not related to D2L). You can learn more about SFA D2L by visiting SFAONLINE, where you can find written instructions and video lessons. As a last note, there is a link to tutorials for students on the D2L My Home page under Helpful Links on the right.

Learning theories and instructional design are the emphasis of this course, which aims to help companies better prepare their workforce for the workplace.

It is via the use of the term “program learning outcomes” that the expected levels of knowledge, skills, and capacities for students at the end of a degree program are identified. In order to characterize student learning and evaluate the entire program’s performance, these learning outcomes are periodically evaluated. Access to program learning outcomes for your major and specific courses is available.

Students must be able to do the following after completing the course: Student Learning Outcomes

  • Employer training and advancement is an important topic for students to learn about.
  • As a result of this course, the students should be able to assess training needs and learners.
  • Learning theories and instructional design should be demonstrated by the pupils.
  • Training program design should be explained in detail by students.
  • When it comes to training methods, pupils should be able to describe their proper application.
  • Student evaluation and transfer of learning should be possible.
  • It is expected that the students will be able to produce and deliver training material themselves

An introduction of training and development in an organizational setting is provided by the course Methodologies through readings as well as relevant tasks. In this section, you’ll find things like essays on important ideas, group debates, creative problem solving exercises, and real-world case studies.

There are no tests in Methodologies. A single test, called the Final Exam, is given at the end of the course. However, about half of the course’s points come from the following assignments:

  • Readings of Prime Importance
  • Discussions
  • Applications

Throughout the week, you must perform all of your assigned tasks. Because they account for a significant portion of your final grade, you must turn in these assignments by the due date each week. Because the course has a total of 500 points, even the smallest assignments add up. Apart from that, they serve as a framework from which to design a training program. There will be no late entries accepted.

The Reading: Key Points assignments will be submitted separately in a D2L dropbox based on the weekly allocated readings. In addition, there will be debates. Some of your talks will be with your group, while others will be with the rest of the class. The D2L dropbox will also be required for the Application tasks. Some of these can be done on your alone, while others are best done with your team in mind..

Student Device Support

The Help Desk is the only place to go if you need help with your computer, printer, smartphone, or other electronic device. There is a LINC Computer Lab on the first floor of Ralph Steen Library, which is where they are (102). Please remember to bring your charging wire if you plan to check in your laptop. You can get more information by visiting or by calling (936) 468-HELP (936-468-HELP) (4357).

e-mail and online support for students

the mySFA error

There are a variety of services available to current students in mySFA under several sections. There is a chance that you are no longer a student and so have no access to any of the features of mySFA when you log in. Take note: mySFA is only available to current students, faculty and staff at San Fernando Academy.

If you’re experiencing a problem with mySFA, please contact us. If you’re unable to see a tab after you log in, it’s possible that you’ve encountered an error when attempting to log in.

E-mail Support for Students

Your email account, device, or browser may be to blame if you’re experiencing issues. The following should be kept in mind:

  • If you’re a first-year student, timing may be the issue. A recent creation, your account is likely to be used before it has been completely licensed and supplied. If this is the issue, you should wait an hour.
  • If you’ve successfully used email, yet see an error message on some devices, this is most likely due to a browser cache issue. When you open a support request, you’ll be asked if you’ve attempted to log in from several devices.

Reset your mySFA password with the help of Student Support.

MySFA passwords cannot be restored if you lose them. A password reset method is in place, but it’s not foolproof:

  • You must first visit the myPassword website.
  • Next, select “Reset My Password” from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, input your mySFA username and click “Login.”.
  • Please type in the answers to your security challenge questions.
  • You have the option of either having a new password provided to you or entering a new one after answering your security challenge questions.

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