Shebra Evans District 4 Board of Education

Shebra Evans District 4 Board of Education
Shebra Evans District 4 Board of Education

Shebra Evans District 4 Board of Education

Shebra Evans District 4 Board of Education
Shebra Evans District 4 Board of Education

What is the identity of Shebra Evans District 4 Board of Education? She is a member of the Board of Education for Montgomery County. She represents Maryland’s District 4 Her current term began in 2016 and will conclude in 2020. She is seeking re-election to the Montgomery County Board of Education in order to continue representing Maryland’s District 4.

On November 3, 2020, she will be on the general election ballot. She advanced from the June 2, 2020, primary election. As you may be aware, Evans ran for a seat at-large on the Montgomery County Board of Education in 2014. She advanced from the primary election on June 24, 2014 to face Jill Ortman-Fouse in the general election on November 4, 2014. Shebra Evans lost in that general election.

Histories of Shebra Evans

Evans, Shebra was born on November 25, 1971. She resides at 3602 May Street, Silver Spring/Aspen Hill, Maryland 20906, in the year 20906. Tennessee State University granted her a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. From 2008 to 2014, she served as vice president of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs. She has held many volunteer leadership positions with the Montgomery Council of PTAs, such as vice president of Education Issues, vice president of Programs, recording secretary-delegate assembly, and Wheaton Cluster coordinator. She was also active in the Superintendent’s Operating Budget Group and Math Exam Work Group for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). In addition, she co-led the African American Student Achievement Group.

Evans has served as the vice chair of Fiscal Responsibility for Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc. – Theta Omega Omega Chapter, as a Board member for Big Learning, Inc., and as a member of the YMCA, Youth & Family Services Advocacy Committee, among other volunteer education activities.

She has worked as a financial analyst in the cable and energy industries since 1996. Currently, she is president of the Board of Education and a member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Is she the recipient of any accolades? The Society of Health and Physical Educators presented her with the Distinguished Advocate for Healthy Living Award in 2019.

What about her offspring? Two of her children attend MCPS. One is in the eighth grade at Argyle Middle School, while the other is in the eleventh grade at John F. Kennedy High School. Both of them attended Harmony Hills Elementary. The eldest child attended Parkland Middle School, while the youngest will attend John F. Kennedy High School in the fall of 2020.

The Motives Behind Seeking Re-Election to the Board of Education

Shebra Evans is running for re-election to the Board of Education because she is proud of her efforts to address disparities in student outcomes by closing opportunity and achievement gaps. She desires to make further progress, but there is still work to be done. She believed that her experience and leadership would be advantageous as she advocated for resources to ensure the success of every student.

In her position on the board, equity is fundamental to everything she and her team do. It can guide their efforts to ensure that all students, regardless of their background, have the opportunity, access, and resources necessary to reach their full potential and thrive in school. As a member of the school board for District 4 and the board president, she will continue to enact policies that create the conditions for future student success.

Shebra Evans’s Ideas

In Bethesda Magazine, she is questioned about the most significant issue in this election and her specific plans to address it. In a school system with more than 166,000 students, Shebra Evans and her team are facing an increase in student enrollment. The increase in enrollment affects both the capital and operating budgets. Since 2010, the Montgomery County Public Schools have gained more than 23,000 students. MCPS has endeavored to balance fiscal constraints with overcrowded and aging infrastructures and facilities. As the president of the board, she testified in favor of the Build to Learn Act. This bill would provide additional funding for school construction in Montgomery County and throughout the state.

Then, she is asked if she believes that school boundaries should be redrawn. Shebra Evans responds to this question by stating that when she and her team consider school and cluster boundaries, including demographics, geographic proximity, facility utilization, and student assignment stability, every factor is taken into account. Since the early 1970s, more than 130 boundary changes have occurred. Since 2010, student enrollment has increased by more than 23,000 students. They anticipate that the population will increase by 11,000 over the next six years, and this boundary analysis will help them gain a better perspective and guide their decisions for future boundary studies.

What are the most crucial issues pertaining to student safety, and how would she address them? Evans asserts that it is essential for students and employees to feel safe and secure in their learning and working environments. There are emergency preparedness procedures within the MCPS in the event of an attack or if someone is armed. The board endorses the “Be Well 365” initiative because it can promote being kind, healthy, and oneself. This initiative provides the students with the means to develop academic and social resiliency.

The next question posed to Shebra in Bethesda Magazine concerns a salary increase for school board members. She expresses her support for salary increases. She and her coworkers work equivalent hours to a full-time position. They approve budgets that exceed $4 billion in total. In addition, she states that they have a multitude of other responsibilities, and if they are paid a livable wage, it will help attract highly qualified and diverse applicants.

Relationships of Sheba Evans

Sheba Evans can be reached via various platforms. If you wish to send her an email, her address is [email protected] She also maintains a website, accessible at She can be reached via her Facebook account, Shebra4BOE, and her Twitter account, @shebraevans.

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