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Free Learner 2022 Learner Learner Learner appears to revolutionize the way K-5 elementary school students learn by making it enjoyable. This approach of instruction is individualized for each child in order to equip them with the vital abilities of the twenty-first century.

Using SplashLearn, elementary school students will study and learn arithmetic through a highly engaging and individualized approach. SplashLearn is one of StudyPad’s flagship products that is well positioned to capitalize on the exponential growth of education technology.

The SplashLearn learning platform utilizes the proliferation of smartphones, AR, VR, and tablets as a backdrop. It is accessible on every digital platform (Android, iOS, Desktop). SplashLearn, which has more than 40 million students globally, has won a number of honors.

SplashLearn Portal for Students

If your child wishes to access SplashLearn, they must first log in with their account information. There are two methods available for accessing SplashLearn:

  1. Sign in with the Student Class Code

To log in using your student class code, visit and click the link. When logging into SplashLearn in this manner, you must first obtain the student class code. Your teacher will provide you with your class code, which you can retrieve from the ‘Class Management’ page on your dashboard. As a student, you will be required to select your profile after logging in. Then you must enter your password.

As a teacher, it is advised that you provide each student with the class code. To obtain your class code, you must log in to SplashLearn as a teacher. The class code may be found in the top-left corner of the main instructor dashboard, labeled “Class Code” with six characters. Once you are aware of your class code, you must communicate it to your pupils.

Additionally, you can update your student password by clicking the ‘Edit’ option on the ‘Class Management’ tab.

2. Sign in with Student ID

You can access the portal login here if you wish to log in to SplashLearn with a username. Similar to logging into SplashLearn using a class code, you will also need a username and password that your teacher can provide.

Typically, the login and password can be found on your dashboard’s ‘Class Management’ tab. In addition, your instructor can update your login and password in a few simple steps. This is how!

  • Select the roster tab.
  • Then, under the ‘Action’ column, choose the ‘Edit’ option.
  • Your instructor will then modify your username and password in this section.
  • Finally, click the ‘Save Details’ button.

That is all! Your instructor changed your login and password successfully.

These are the two methods for accessing SplashLearn. Choose the method that you believe will be easiest for you to execute.

What Skills Will Your Child Acquire Using SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides rigorous learning in a fun environment. Your youngster will play interactive activities and receive incredible incentives to inspire his or her learning goals. They will acquire an enjoyable method of learning and increase their learning scores.

Beginning in Year 1 and continuing through Year 6, your child will also gain a variety of abilities. They will be able to explore mathematics in a Candy, Jungle, or Space-themed environment. Each year’s curriculum will deliver individualized instruction that intelligently adapts to each student’s learning style.

As a parent, you will also have access to a real-time dashboard that highlights problem areas. You will receive weekly email updates, can view your child’s full progress reports on the dashboard, and can monitor your child’s activity on your iPhone using the Parent Connect App.

SplashLearn also offers customized learning paths for remediation, enrichment, and regular practice. With a comprehensive curriculum, your child will acquire mastery of more than 350 mathematical concepts. Here are the developmental milestones your child will reach:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Superior Addition
  • Superior Subtraction
  • Mixed Procedures
  • Geometry
  • Money

SplashLearn is appealing since your youngster will receive fun coins for each correct answer. These coins are redeemable for virtual pets.

How Do I Register for Parents?

If you intend to utilize SplashLearn as your child’s learning method, it is strongly advised that you first create an account. By creating a SplashLearn account, you can choose the right learning segment for your child. Creating a SplashLearn account is rather straightforward.

This is how!

  • Step-by-Step for Signing Up
  • Visit the website
  • On the homepage of SplashLearn, there is an orange button labeled “Parents, Sign Up for Free.” Click this button.
  • By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the Registration page.
  • Here you will discover several registration options from which to pick; Sign in with Class Code, Sign in with Google, and Sign up with Facebook (if you have a class code or an invite from your teacher). Choose your method of choice.
  • Regardless of the Sign Up option you choose, you will be required to validate your account via email.
  • After account verification, you may begin using SplashLearn.

Start Using SplashLearn for Your Child Immediately

  • When logging in for the first time, you must select your child’s grade level.
  • The following question will ask, “What would you like to begin learning?” Math and Reading will be the alternatives available. Select either Mathematics or Reading.
  • Whether you choose ‘Math’ or ‘Reading,’ you must define a weekly learning objective for your child. You can also receive timely emails to help your child achieve his or her goal.
  • After setting a weekly learning objective for your child, you may begin exploring the parent dashboard.
  • On the main dashboard, there are numerous sections to explore. Clearly, each topic will have an own section.

Math has Today’s Learning Path, Play a specific topic, Math Facts, Math Games, and Redo Box.

There are Today’s Learning Path, Sight Words, Read Alouds, Letter & Sounds, Letter Sequence, and Letter Tracing within the Reading topic.

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