The D2L DePaul Campus Connect 2022

The D2L DePaul Campus Connect 2022
The D2L DePaul Campus Connect 2022

The D2L DePaul Campus Connect 2022

The D2L DePaul Campus Connect 2022
The D2L DePaul Campus Connect 2022

The D2L DePaul Campus Connect 2022 is an online tool designed to make it easier for students, teachers, and staff to find out about campus activities and resources. Campus Connect contains all the information you need, whether it’s a class schedule or parking information.

D2L, Depaul’s learning management system, can only be accessed by logging into Depaul Campus Connect first. You’ll need your BlueKey login information to use Campus Connect. D2L is only one of the many learning technology platforms that BlueKey login credentials can be used to access.

In order to use the D2L, you must first log in as a Depaul University student. If you’re unable to log in to Depaul Campus Connect, what should you do? Fortunately, the information provided in this page will demonstrate how to access Campus Connect. This is yours!

Campus Connect Login: What is the procedure?

This link will take you to Campus Connect, where you can create an account. Then, you’ll see the Campus Connect Login page for Depaul University. In order to continue, you can click on the blue ‘Student, Faculty/Staff’ icon. This button is only for Depaul University students, teachers, and staff to use.

NB: The previous Campus Connect login credentials can still be utilized if you don’t qualify for BlueKey access.

There is an option under the login button for parents of students to have access to the Depaul. Campus Connect Login requires a parent’s UserID and Password, unlike the BlueKey credentials used by students, instructors, and employees at Depaul.

You don’t have to log in if you just want to look at the course catalog, pay a student’s bill, or look at the class schedule on the Depaul University Campus Connect. Campus Connect has a Class Search tool that you can use to find a class.

The ‘Authorized Payer Login’ option in Depaul Campus Connect can also be accessed by parents or other individuals who have been allowed access.

In order to use Campus Connect, what is the significance of having BlueKey?

For Depaul technological services, BlueKey can be described as a fresh, smooth, and secure login experience that is easy to use. BlueKey login means that you should use the format that matches your Depaul BlueM@il email address to log in.

The BlueKey is essential for logging into Depaul. Why? As a result, this approach has a number of advantages for students, instructors, and staff at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This is why BlueKey is essential:

  • An additional layer of protection.

With the addition of the BlueKey, security measures will be improved. The Information Services can implement additional security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, as a result of this login experience. BlueKey multi-factor authentication is now available to all Depaul employees. On the ‘how to register’ page, there is a tutorial on how to set up BlueKey multi-factor authentication.

Students at Depaul University are encouraged to sign up for BlueKey multi-factor authentication so that they can quickly and easily recover a lost or forgotten password.

  • A reduction in the number of login screens

More Depaul applications may request you for your credentials when you move between systems, especially when you access BlueM@il and Campus Connect at the same time. If you’re a staff member utilizing a Depaul-issued computer, you may see fewer prompts.

  • Consistently improve the login experience

Because many services have been migrated to the BlueKey login experience, it will be a little easier to distinguish between a valid Depaul service login and a fraudulent one.

Now that you know why BlueKey is so crucial, let’s get down to the specifics. BlueKey will be used to log in to practically all Depaul services in the future. Nevertheless, it is possible that the changeover will take some time. As a result, you can monitor their progress and check which Depaul services are using BlueKey on the BlueKey services schedule page.

During the changeover, Depaul’s technological services will have a variety of login options. There is likely a different username format based on the login page you view.

Depaul Campus Connect: What Is It and How Does It Work?

For students, teachers, and staff, Campus Connect is Depaul’s primary interface to the university. It can be described as an interactive web portal developed on top of PeopleSoft’s Campus Solutions (CS) system that contains a variety of Web-based services aimed at students, professors, and staff.

Students, instructors, and staff can complete administrative chores as well as self-service functions through Campus Connect. Faculty and staff at Depaul should contact their managers if they need access to additional features in Campus Connect.

Discover What’s Available on Campus Connect!

Students, instructors, and staff will all find different resources on Campus Connect. Means everyone will obtain what they need via Campus Connect. Here’s how it works:

In the Interest of Students

Campus Connect allows Depaul students to participate in the following extracurricular activities:

  • Find out how to sign up for classes, what they are about, and when they are being offered.
  • Request a course history report or a degree progress report from your institution.
  • Recall the previous year’s grades.
  • Pay bills and apply for financial aid from the comfort of your own home.
  • Do not forget to update your personal information such as your name and phone number.

For Faculty

Campus Connect allows the Depaul faculty to engage in the following activities:

  • Check out the class schedules.
  • Grades must be submitted.
  • Examine the Evaluation of Teaching
  • See a list of students currently enrolled in each class.

For Employees’ Use Only

Through Campus Connect, the Depaul faculty and staff can engage in a variety of activities, as listed below:

  • Submit your timecards.
  • Pay stubs are available online.
  • Ensure that demographic data is current.
  • Benefits enrollment can be completed by signing up for an account.

More Depaul Systems for PeopleSoft

Campus Solutions (CS) from PeopleSoft is the foundation for Depaul’s Campus Connect. Additionally, Depaul uses three additional PeopleSoft instances for financial and HR information, along with a service desk.

A user’s role at the institution determines his or her ability to access the majority of administrative features. Finally, in order to gain access to additional programs or features, IT managers must grant additional security access.

Send an email to if you want to get access to the PeopleSoft financial system. Fill out a PeopleSoft Access Request Form if you want to request access to the HR or CRM environments.

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