The PowerSchool RCS 2022

The PowerSchool RCS
The PowerSchool RCS

The PowerSchool RCS 2022

The PowerSchool RCS, Over 12,000 districts, schools, and other educational institutions assist over 45 million students using PowerSchool. Through the educational program PowerSchool, students, teachers, and parents will be linked to facilitate communication.

The PowerSchool RCS
The PowerSchool RCS

Rankin County School District is one of the school districts that uses PowerSchool to improve their students’ learning outcomes. The Powerschool RCSD allows students and parents to verify attendance, grades, and assignment completion through online or mobile device.

Consequently, let’s study about the PowerSchool instructional software utilized by RCSD in our piece!

Accessing the PowerSchool RCSD

Students, teachers, employees, and parents each have their own login sites. Depending on their status, users are required to access the link. Well, to facilitate your access to PowerSchool in RCSD, below is a list of links that particular users can use:

Student Portal

Students of the Rankin County School District who wish to access the PowerSchool educational program can visit the portal login at You will be redirected to a login page upon clicking this link. Please enter your username and password here.

The login and password can be obtained from the school staff for more information. Moreover, if you are unable to log in because you have forgotten your username and password, you must contact your school immediately for assistance.

Parent Portal

Parents of RCSD students who wish to log in to PowerSchool RCSD must use the same URL as students to access the portal: Students must use the username and password they received from the school, whereas parents can enter the username and password they received upon registering.

How may a PowerSchool RCSD account be created? If you are a parent who want to access the PowerSchool RCSD, you must create an account first. Click on the ‘Create Account’ tab in the login portal to create an account. Then, you can select the “Create Account” option.

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By selecting the option, the registration page will be accessed. Here, you will be requested to provide your personal information, such as your first and last name, email address, desired username, and password.

Following this, you must link your child’s account to your own. You can also link more students to your account. To link the students to your account, you must input the Access ID, Access Password, and relationship information for each student you wish to add.

After completing all registration forms, you can click the Enter button to continue. After successfully creating your account in PowerSchool RCSD, you may access your Parent Portal by entering your username and password. You may be required to input your district code, which is BFTC.

What if you forget your login credentials? To retrieve your username, simply visit the recovery page on this website. You can reset your username by clicking the ‘Forgot Username?’ link. You are required to put your email address in this field. Yes, you will receive an email confirming your username recovery.

To reset your password, you must select the link labeled “Forgot Password?” You will be required to enter your username and email address in a new window. Yes, you will receive an email with on-screen prompts until you successfully reset your password.

Teacher Portal

If you are a teacher in the Rankin County SchoolD District who want to access PowerSchool, you must first log in. To access the PowerSchool RCSD Teacher Portal, log in at Here, you must enter your username and password, then click “Sign In.”

Administrator Portal

To access the PowerSchool RCSD program, RCSD administrators should visit To login, you must enter your username and password and click the “Sign In” button, just like teachers.

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These are the login gateways through which users can access the PowerSchool RCSD.

What Will You Discover in PowerSchool RCSD?

Certainly, the PowerSchool RCSD has numerous areas that facilitate student, teacher, and parent access to the information they seek. The PowerSchool Administrator enables you to access as much data as necessary.

Through the RCSD PowerSchool Administration, you can access information based on the school levels, which include Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. PowerSchool delivers the following sections for each grade level:

  • Reports segment

Class Rosters, At Risk Report, D&F Report, Do this BEFORE running Honor Roll, Honor Roll, and List Map Test Scores may be found in the report area.

  • Documentation

Report Cards include verification sheets (Q1, Q2/S1, Q3/Q4/S2/Y1), standard verifications, report cards, and a part informing teachers of those who have finished grades in the gradebook.

  • Labels

The ‘Labels’ part is exclusive to elementary school and includes Run Cumulative Folder labels, Print PreK-1 Labels Guide, Print 1stRepeaters ALL2 Labels Guide, and Print 3-6 Labels Guide.

  • GPA’s

This section includes information regarding a tutorial on how to determine GPA, class rank, the average GPA for sixth grade, Hall of Fame GPA, Current Core GPA, Core GPA for Beta Club, and MS Core S1 GPA Current Year.

  • Fees

The Fees section provides details on Fee Reports and Info and MySchoolBucks.

  • Store Grade

The Store Grade section describes the procedure for storing the student’s grade from the teacher’s gradebook into PowerSchool’s historical grades for all courses. It comprises of store S1 grades, store S2 grades, and store Y1 grades for storing elementary school grades.

It includes store S1 grades, store S2 grades, and store Y1 grades, as well as Re-Store S1 for year-long courses at the end of the school year. It includes store S1 grades, store S2 grades, and store Y1 grades, as well as Re-store S1 for Year Long Courses at the end of the school year.

Here you can see the PowerSchool Guide page for further details.

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