UF Canvas: A Comprehensive Guide to the UF eLearning Portal 2022

UF Canvas
UF Canvas

UF Canvas: A Comprehensive Guide to the UF eLearning Portal 2022

UF Canvas, also known as the UF eLearning system, is an open, intuitive cloud-based learning management system designed for University of Florida students.

UF Canvas allows you to create and manage profiles, view current courses on the dashboard, import content from a previous semester’s Canvas course, submit peer-review assignments, and much more.

UF Canvas
UF Canvas

UF Canvas assists students in locating Course content as well as links to video lectures, assignments, quizzes, discussions, and grades. You can join a meeting via ufl.zoom.us as well as your Canvas course in e-Learning.

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How to Access UF Canvas

To gain access to the UF Canvas eLearning platform,

  1. To get to the UFeLearning login page, go to login.ufl.edu.
  2. This prompts you to enter your username and password.
  3. Enter your GatorLink login information.
  4. Please enter your password.
  5. You will be taken to your “User Dashboard” after logging into Canvas, where you can access the course(s) and/or project site(s) in which you are enrolled.
  6. They are listed at the top of the screen under ‘Courses & Groups.’

Why isn’t my course listed in UF eLearning?

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There could be several reasons why you aren’t seeing your course in e-Learning.

  1. Have you looked through UF e-“All Learning’s Courses” section? You can get there by first clicking “Courses” on the left and then “All Courses.”
  2. Your Instructor has not yet released it. When your instructor is ready, she or he will publish the course.
  3. If you are having trouble registering. If you have outstanding issues, such as fees or vaccination certificates, the Registrar will drop you from classes.
  4. It is also possible that your course does not have an online component. E-Learning is not used in all courses at the University of Florida.
  5. To change your password, navigate to account.it.ufl.edu, click “Change Your Password,” and then log in using your GatorLink username and current password.

Student Advantages of the UF Canvas Structure

  • You can access courses from anywhere and at any time.
  • Canvas learning at UF makes it simple for students.
  • A proactive approach to group work, sharing documents, and hosting discussions all in the LMS
  • Access to Courses and Grade Reporting
  • system of modern education.
  • Students can stay organized with the help of the calendar, which shows assignments and due dates for all active courses.
  • The ability of students to use UF Canvas instruction on a smartphone or tablet was a significant benefit.
  • View course updates and school announcements notification badges.


If you are unable to open Canvas UF or are experiencing difficulties logging into Canvas via UF, please see the FAQs listed below.

Is my course available through UF eLearning?

If your course is available in UF eLearning in Canvas, your instructor will notify you. You can access your course directly via ufl.instructure.com or via the e-Learning Page.

What should I do if I run into difficulties while taking a quiz?

If you encounter an issue while taking an assessment, log out and log back in as soon as possible. If the assessment is timed, it will continue to run even if you log out.

If you continue to have problems, take a screenshot of the issue so that the Help Desk can investigate and you have proof of the problem for your instructor. Call the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-4357) right away for UF Canvas assistance.

You should try to take online tests during UF Canvas Help Desk hours as much as possible.

What happens if I drop or add a course?

Your UF Canvas courses will be automatically updated with the change, but not immediately. It could take several hours to notice a difference.

How to Look at Your Grades?

A course’s grades page displays all current grades for all course assignments. Score details, comments, and rubrics are also available. If your teacher uses more than one grading period, you can also sort grades by that.

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