A Comprehensive Guide to UCSD WebReg ‘2022: WebReg UCSD


A Comprehensive Guide to UCSD WebReg ‘2022: WebReg UCSD

WebReg UCSD used by the students at the University of California, San Diego can sign up for classes online. WebReg UCSD is only available to students who are currently enrolled, and only at certain times.


Users can check their schedules and appointments on UCSD WebReg. They can also sign up for classes, drop classes, add courses to their planner, and find books and textbooks to buy or rent for classes they have signed up for.

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How to access WebReg UCSD

Use WebReg UCSD or access it by:

  1. Navigate to students.ucsd.edu in your browser.
  2. Please select “MYTRITONLINK”.
  3. Enter your user ID or PID at the Sign-On screen.
  4. Then enter your PAC or password.
  5. To sign in, click the blue “Sign On” icon.
  6. Click the “Classes & Enrollment” menu on your dashboard.
  7. Select “WebReg” from the drop-down option after that.
  8. After choosing your session, click “Go.”

How to Enroll in UCSD Classes via Webreg

You can enroll in a class from My Schedule using either the List or UCSD Calendar Views in Webreg UCSD.

If there are still seats in the course and your appointment time is still open, you can use the search feature to sign up right away.

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To register for a class through WebReg UCSD,

  1. Enroll in the class by clicking the Enroll button on the far right.
  2. Next, double-check the class information, choose the grading option (Letter or Pass/Fail), and click the Confirm button. In some cases, students may choose a unit option for a class.
  3. To return to My Schedule, click Close or Send Me an Email Confirmation once the Request Successful message appears.
  4. Alternatively, you can enroll directly from the search window by clicking the Enroll button.
  5. In your list or calendar, the enrolled class should be highlighted in a different color.

How to Drop a UCSD Webreg Class

To drop a class during open registration, follow these steps:

  1. Launch “My Schedule.”
  2. Then, in the Action column, select “Drop.”
  3. Confirm the class information, go over the warnings, and then click “Drop.”
  4. When you see the message “Request Successful,” click “Close” or “Send Me Email Confirmation” to return to My Schedule.
  5. Finally, check to see if the item has been removed from “My Schedule.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in classes at UCSD?

Enroll in classes after your appointment on your designated enrollment day. Navigate to WebReg UCSD. Select a registration term and a student level. Enroll in the classes that interest you.

Can I enroll in classes at UCSD?

Go to the UCSD Class Schedule. Select the term for which you intend to attend under “Select Search Term” (see note). Select Find courses by subject by selecting one or more subjects and pressing the search button. Choose the course that interests you.

If your home campus is in the fall semester, you will attend Fall Quarter at UCSD. If your home campus is in the spring semester, you will attend Winter or Spring Quarter at UCSD.

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What does the building’s name, RCLAS, stand for?

The acronym RCLAS stands for remote class.

A class with the building name RCLAS is either fully remote or hybrid. A room number assigned to RCLAS is a system requirement to prevent double bookings.

Only courses approved by the Academic Senate to be offered remotely (“R-Courses”) will be offered remotely in the fall of 2021. The building name “RCLAS” will be listed in your schedule for these classes.

What exactly does “in-person” mean?

In-person classes will be taught on the UC San Diego campus, with students and instructors physically present. If you become ill and are unable to attend class in person, you must work with the instructor to make alternative arrangements that allow you to access class material.

What does the term “hybrid” mean?

A hybrid class meeting is one that combines in-person and remote class meetings. Some course components are delivered on campus at UC San Diego, while others are delivered remotely.

A lecture component of a class, for example, could be taught in person, but the discussion component could be taught remotely. If you become ill and are unable to attend in-person sessions, you must work with the instructor to make alternative arrangements that allow you to access class material.

How do I know how a hybrid class will be taught if I sign up for it?
In general, the building and room number on the class will indicate whether the class is offered remotely or on-campus. If you’re still unsure, contact the department that offers the course for more information.

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