What Type of Laptop is Necessary for Penn Foster?

What Type of Laptop is Necessary for Penn Foster?
What Type of Laptop is Necessary for Penn Foster?

What Type of Laptop is Necessary for Penn Foster?

What Type of Laptop is Necessary for Penn Foster?
What Type of Laptop is Necessary for Penn Foster?

What Type of Laptop is Necessary for Penn Foster?. During the covid-19 pandemic, the majority of colleges and universities switched from face-to-face to online learning methods, although a few still used the online school method. Since your school programs are entirely online, it is likely that you are required to have supported devices.

In addition to Penn Foster students, these individuals appear to be required to possess devices that qualify for taking online courses. Since Penn Foster does not provide laptops or tablets, students must possess their own devices. However, your laptop must meet certain requirements before enrolling in an online school. What exactly are they?

Computer Prerequisites for Penn Foster Online School

A laptop is one of the eligible devices that can be used to access Penn Foster online courses, take exams, and track learning progress. Unfortunately, not all laptops meet the specifications for online education. This means that your laptop must meet specific requirements in order to provide access to your online school.

Specifications a laptop computer should have:

Operating System
Your laptop’s operating system should function optimally with a more recent system. Penn Foster recommends running Windows 7 or later on a Microsoft® Windows®-based computer. If using Apple, a Mac running macOS® or a later version is required.

Internet Explorer
Ensure that you have already installed the Internet browser on your computer. Obviously, there are numerous Internet Browsers available for installation. Downloading and installing your preferred one is strongly suggested. Ensure that the web browser already installed on your laptop is optimized for accessing your Student Portal and lessons.

Many students prefer Google Chrome because it allows them to access study guides and exams for online classes. The good news is that it is available for free download.

Functional Keyboard

In contrast to a desktop computer, which has a keyboard attached separately, a laptop has a keyboard already installed. If you are using a computer for online learning and your keyboard is malfunctioning, you can replace it.

However, if you use a laptop and experience a keyboard issue, replacing the original keyboard or using an external keyboard may be somewhat difficult. Therefore, ensure that you already possess a laptop with a functional keyboard. To keep your keyboard functioning properly for a longer period of time, you should protect it from dust, dirt, water spills, and anything else that could potentially damage it.

Why must you pay close attention to your keyboard? Without a keyboard, it will be difficult to complete your assignment. In the long run, having a functioning keyboard on your laptop will save you aggravation.

What Are the Essential Tools for a Laptop?

Okay, you’ve probably already checked your laptop and Internet connection, and you’re prepared to begin your first lesson with your email. However, there are a few additional things you must ensure are available to be completely prepared. What exactly are they?

Obviously, these are the tools and applications you must have on your laptop. In this case, it is referred to as “productivity tools” and provides access to Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, and other writing tools. These tools will help you complete your coursework. We believe you should have them, depending on the Penn Foster courses you take.

For your coursework, you may need to acquire access to Microsoft Office Suite. Ensure that it is installed on your laptop if it is not already there. Even though open-source word processors and spreadsheet apps such as Google Sheets and Google Docs will suffice for some basic courses, you will also need Microsoft Office applications.

In addition, there are a variety of options suitable for various needs and budgets. Alternately, you can purchase the program as a one-time purchase, or if you only need to access PowerPoint, Words, and Excel for a brief period of time, you can purchase a monthly subscription.

In addition to spreadsheets and word processors, we believe having time-management applications on hand will help you organize your studying from the start. There are numerous free apps and browser extensions that will assist you in creating a study schedule and optimizing your online time.

The good news is that the Penn Foster Student Portal includes an integrated goal-setting tool. Yes, you can select a completion date when you begin your program, and your exam due dates will adjust accordingly, allowing you to stay on track.

Should You Maintain Your Coursework?

Obviously, it is strongly advised that you save and maintain your online coursework, as digital issues can arise at any time. It implies that you should back up your files if something goes wrong with your computer or laptop, as it represents your school. Isn’t it particularly aggravating to lose all of your schoolwork?

Using a flash drive, you can back up your coursework in order to preserve it. In other words, it can be a lifesaver if your file is stored separately from your laptop. Once you have completed your coursework, you can save it to a flash drive that can be easily transferred to a new laptop or used in a library.

Then, if you are using a tablet to learn, you can easily save your assignments to Google Drive. As you already know, Google Drive is a free service that can be accessed at any time. We believe it can be a dependable and useful storage that is accessible from anywhere. Aside from that, it will be simple to access if you have access to your Google Account. https://www.google.com/drive/

In addition, there are subscriptions for cloud services that you can download from the App Store, Google Play, and site apps if you desire something a little more secure and safe that can provide more storage space.

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